PRAVDA to assist businesses seeking partners in Russia

PRAVDA.RU and a number of newspapers in North-Western region of Russia decided to assist Russian and foreign businessmen in finding business partners, and the idea of this project was created by your letters, dear readers.
Both PRAVDA and its main partner in the North-East – Dvina-Inform information agency have been receiving many letters from the readers. Since the first day of its existence, PRAVDA.RU has had big readership abroad. This made us the “Window to Russia” providing people with the opportunity to learn the news from Russia directly, not in the interpretation by AP, AFP, Reuter, CNN and other authoritative sources for Western readers.

For this reason, the calls to PRAVDA made by Western and Russian businessmen looking for business partners in different regions, were predictable. These calls revealed the problem of lack of ties between countries and regions. There is little information about the potential and the opportunities of the parties in business and it slows down the development of business in Russia and between Russia and other countries.

The letters from different parts of the world demonstrated huge interest of Western small and middle-sized business to Russia. The businessmen would like to contact their counterparts in Russia without waiting for the official declarations or programs of their governments.

For example, representatives of a small wine-making plant addressed a question to PRAVDA correspondent in Argentina Hernan Etchaleco if Russians are interested in wine (or prefer vodka only). Where can they find those people in Russia who can agree to sell wonderful Argentinian wine?

Recently our Correspondent in Portugal Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey received a request from the company in Brazil willing to purchase 300 aircrafts for using them in agriculture. The company does not know where in Russia it can find a seller. We were very surprised to hear this because Russia has many producers of aircrafts of this sort, and they would be eager to have such a big contract. However, short search online revealed that there is almost no information in the Internet about Russian plants producing aircrafts. Meanwhile, Brazilian farmers do not speak Russian. We have to call and become an intermediary between both the parties.

One more example. Student of Wisconsin University David Misselt arrived in Moscow to have an internship in PRAVDA. He booked the hotel room online and even paid quite a big money as an advance. After we brought him to the place, we found no hotel, just a room in some dormitory of community college. This was the first ad he found online about Moscow hotels.

There are many similar examples in Russia.

We have big capacities, and therefore we can help everybody who addresses us. The capacities of PRAVDA and power of the Internet will give you the opportunity to promote your business easily and quickly, to find new partners, to tell about yourself in the local media of the region which interests you, and in national media outlets.

We have many reliable partners in the North-Western region of Russia. Let us introduce these newspapers having online editions and being published in different towns and cities of the Nort-West:

Dvina-Inform – the leading information agency in Pomorie. It provides online news from Archangelsk region on a daily basis at (Joint Stock Company “Information Agency "Nord Media Companies”). News of politics and public life of the region, economy, finance and sports, information on VIP and companies, news of the timber and power industries of the North-West.
Mayak of Baltic newspaper ( is published in the city of Kaliningrad, the most Western area of Russia. This region is very attractive to any businessmen – the proximity of borders and well-developed infrastructure.

Pomorie newspaper ( – the weekly published since 1964 (publishers FGUP TV and radio company “Pomorie” and “Nomka-Press” Joint-Stock Company. Circulation of 21,000 copies distributed throughout Arkhangelsk region by subscription and sales. The newspaper is very popular in the region.

Severny Rabochy newspaper ( is published in town Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region), Russian State center of Atomic Shipbuilding. Seberal other print media are affiliated to severny Rabochi, their total circulation is 50,000 copies. 

Russian Shipbulding Portal ( – leading Russian resource in shipbuilding used by Russian and foreign shipbuilding companies, engineers, scientists. 

Northern Saturday Newspaper ( is published in Murmansk region and is considered as one of the most respectable mass media in the Zapolyrie region (one of the areas most perspective for business in Russian North-West

Business Class Arkhangelsk newspaper ( – a weekly for businessmen of Arkhangelsk region.  Respectable media outlet writing news and comments and being able to conduct good ad campaign for you.

SeverInform information agency ( – has been working since May 1999. It is a part of the Association of Mass Media of North-West. The regional branch of Russian national organization of journalists “Media-Soyuz” operates on the basis of the agency.

By addressing PRAVDA.RU, you can publish information about yourself, your business, your company, your plans and products in all the above mentioned newspapers (their total circulation is more than 300,000 copies a week) and their online editions. You will save your money, time and energy. Think of our offer and familiarize yourself with our partners. This is the first chance for you to arrange publications about your business in the print media of the North-West region.

Moscow editorial office of PRAVDA.RU[email protected]


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova