Foreign intelligence recruits Russians

Russian secret services notice that American and British intelligence becomes more active in Russia, said a high rank official of one of the Russian secret services to RIA “Novosti”.

Similar information was acquired by Interfax information agency.

“We are constantly getting information about foreign intelligence trying to get its sources… . There has been a considerable increase of recruiting activity of foreign secret services in the past five years,” told the interlocutor.

According to him, the US is the most active of all foreign services that works against Russia. Not only do Americans “work” in Russia, but also “from the position of other countries of the CIS” and its allies, including British intelligence,” stated he.

“In the early 90s, CIA wasn't concerned about what particular rockets Russian Armed Forces had in stock. Their main task was to monitor political situation in the Russian Federation and the course of its relations with the West,” remarked the source. At the time, military aspect appeared secondary. However, questions regarding development of our military-industrial complex and our Armed Forces have always been quite popular with CIA.”

According to a secret service representative, during 90s, right after the USSR’s collapse and major Russian crisis, Central Intelligence Agency faced one major task. Namely, the agency had to control political situation in Russia and lead those political process in the “proper” direction, dictated by Washington. “In this respect, American intelligence has always been interested in the Russian Institute of the US and Canada of the Russia Academy of Sciences, especially in its services and in its members,” said the source. This is no secret, mentioned he, that “that particular Institute has always been making prognoses as to how future relations between Moscow and Washington will develop. It also used to provide Russian government with certain recommendations regarding how to develop future relations between the two countries.

A secret services representative stated that intelligence usually looks for a potential in a person. “Recruitment with perspective—this is an axiom of all secret services,” stated the source. According to him, during 90s, when Russia was in the middle of figuring out its political trajectory, American special services showed incredibly low interest in Russia. Back then, there was nothing for CIA to learn.”

By the end of the 90s however, Russia started to fight for its interests more eagerly, remarks the source. “Desire of the American leaders to learn more about the future of Russia triggered secret services to act more actively,” stated he. According to him, members of foreign intelligence act undercover. They arrive to the country as diplomats, secretaries to various Embassies. At times, they also arrive as unofficial correspondents to specially-created firms. American intelligence for instance, uses this method for its members throughout three regions in the world: Latin America, Europe and South-East Asia. It is exceptionally hard, almost impossible to prove the “firm's” connection with intelligence, states the agency member.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova