Cult of Putin

After four years of Presidency, Vladimir Putin became a part of Russian folklore culture.
He surpassed the popularity not only of his predecessor Boris Yeltsyn, but also of such well-known people in Russia as Stalin and Pushkin, one of the Red Army commanders Chapaev and popular character of the movie about Soviet intelligence officer Shtirlits.

After Boris Yeltsyn announced Vladimir Putin his successor, new Russian leader was given many nicknames. The first was “Crown Prince”. Then cosmonaut Evgeny Leonov liked Putin to such an extent that called him “Vladimir Red Sun” (after the famous ancient Russian Prince). Then reporters called Putin “uncontrollable missile” in admiration of his love to Alpine skiing.  Most Russians admire of Vladimir Putin so much that they created cult of him.

How to become a star.
Various unusual situations the President experiences before photo and TV cameras, are greatly contributing to his popularity.  Vladimir Putin squats next to the little girl who presented him small bucket of cucumbers, dances in Vietnamese national hat, poses to TV cameras in Alpine skiing suit, sits at the control column of military aircraft, is aboard a submarine, shoots  out of a cannon, wears admiral uniform, puts on miner robe, brings down Judo-wrestlers on a ring, tries marinated mushrooms prepared by an old lady from a village, and so on.

People like the man so open in communication. The towns visited by Vladimir Putin, became tourist attractions. A businessman from St. Petersburg put a sign next to a tree, “This tree was planted by Vladimir Putin”, and now there are tours to this tree.

Cult of Putin is growing in Russia. In the stores of the city of Ekaterinburg crackers called “Putinki” and “Putevye” appeared on sale right after the presidential elections. The crackers were produced my Megapolic-pak company from city Omsk.

”New Region” information agency from Ekaterinburg reported that crackers have traditionally been associated with prison in Russia. However, this association can be changed, and crackers may become the symbol of successful business protected by the name of President Putin.  The producers of crackers are selling them at dumping price: a pack of “Putin” crackers costs 1.5 roubles cheaper than crackers of other brands.

During the first term of Vladimir Putin food producers in the Ural region already had food brands named after Putin: ice-cream “President” in city Nizhny Tagil (local residents called it “sweet Vladuimir”). Residents of city Chelybinsk supported the initiative – a local bar was called “Vladimir Putin”.

New outburst of the cult of Vladimir Putin started several months before the presidential elections. In city Tymen packs of sunflower seeds were called “Putnye” and the eyes of the President were drawn on their packs, in Ekaterinburg supermarkets sold toy hares singing the song “I need the guy like Putin”.

However, most of the projects using the President’s name, were a failure. Ice-cream “President” is not produced any more, the bar in Chelyabinsk was closed after several months of its work, cake “Putin” produced in Chelyabinsk was not popular among customers because it was too sweet.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova