Russian graduates to be drafted

All male graduates will soon all be drafted for a six month service in Russian Armed Forces, despite their future plans.

Such sensational announcement was made by the former director of the Ministry of Education Vladimir Filippov.

According to him, high school graduates will be obligated to serve in the army in a not so distant future before entering any universities. The general course for young servicemen will last for approximately six months. By the end of his service, a young man will be able to decide whether he wants to pursue military career as a contractor or spend an additional six months in the army, reports “Novie Izvenstia.”

According to Filippov, they are currently discussing whether those contractors who have served for 3-5 years will have a right to be admitted to universities without any exams. Such changes will take effect by 2008.

Filippov also noted that all graduates will need to pass one state’s test, then send the results to several Universities and afterward, despite the fact whether they are accepted or not, will be drafted.

“In order to make the system work, Russian secondary education will have to last 12 years instead of today’s 11. By that time, graduates will be 18 years of age and this will ease the whole legal aspect of the issue,” considers the ex-minister.“Many developed countries such as Germany and Israel, all kids serve in the armed forces,” noted Filippov. “We are talking about service on contract basis, about the kind of army that will be formed in 2008.”

The Ministry of Defense however does not consider 100% of young graduates to be drafted.  This has been announced by the Ministry's press-service Friday. “Such issue…is not currently under discussion in the Ministry”, remarked a press-service representative. According to him, the issue will not be discussed in the nearest future.    

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov