Putin on new economic policy for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin who won the elections (with support of more than 50 percent of voters) named reforms of taxation system  and natural monopolies as the key priorities in his economic policy for Russia.
”The primary task is ensuring economic growth, and I hope we will be able to accomplish it”, said Vladimir Putin to reporters in his election Staff.

President dwelled on the tasks of improving the taxation system and reforming Russian natural monopolies. “We have just passed a number of basic laws on railroad transport and power systems, and we are required to undertake further steps in this direction”, said Russian President. 
Vladimir Putin stated that this is very delicate work, and mistakes in it may cost much. “But we must work in this direction, and we will”.
”The new government has not become fully capable to executing its functions, and I expect the Cabinet formation will be completed in several weeks”, Polit.ru quoted Valdimir Putin.

”We should be very delicate with Gazprom (Russia’s natural gas monopoly)”, said President Putin. However, he believes that Gazprom’s assets should become transparent.
”Gazprom is one of the backbones of our economic growth. We are developing other branches of economy due to Gazprom”, said Vladimir Putin.
 "We are well aware that natural gas is being sold to individuals and industrial enterprises at the price cheaper than the gas cost. In this way Gazprom contributes to economic growth, and today it is impossible to pass to pure market conditions with gas price for domestic consumers at $110 per cubic meter”.

"The authorities are required to work for people, who are living today, for our children and grandchildren who will live tomorrow”, said Russian President.

He is intended to modernize the country. “We will undertake radical reforms in economic and social sphere, but will try to explain every our step and its purpose”.
Vladimir Putin said there may be opposition to the new undertakings, and promised to guide the government “not to have those not understanding what is going on”.
”If we achieve high level of interaction and mutual understanding with society, we will be able to do much basing on people’s support and understanding. I think it would be wrong for the President to be guided by his own theoretical ideas on his role in history”. 
Source: Information agencies

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova