New Russian Prime Minister to divide government into three levels and improve living standards

On March 5 the State Duma has approved appointing Mikhail Fradkov Russian Prime Minister.
352 voted for the new Prime Minister appointment, 58 deputies voted against it and 24 deputies abstained. According to the Duma regulations, the decision to appoint the Prime Minister is made by the majority of votes (minimum 226 votes).

President Putin nominated Mikhail Fradkov for Prime Minister post on March 1, and on that day the President submitted the written request to State Dume Chairman Boris Gryzlov for receiving approval from Duma for the new appointment.

Deputies has approved appointing Fradkov, and according to the Constitution, the President is required to sign the Decree on appointing Prime Minister.

New Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said at the Duma meeting about his plans:

- He called deputies and senators to work with the best efficiency

New Russian Prime Minister promised:

- To reduce the number of officials and Ministries and divide the government into three levels
- To enforce the process of raising living standards
- To reduce tax load for Russian citizens
- To fight corruption and make judicial institutions independent
- To send more Russian students to study abroad
- To support Russians being abroad and grant them citizenship
- To work on solving the issues of Russian village
- To increase military spending
- Not to “touch” Russian State Power Line Network yet, but to control monopolies.
- To develop the “depressed” regions of Russia

According to Mikhail Fradkov, the Prime Minister in Russian government will have only one deputy. There will be fewer Ministries. They all will be required to work hard.

The renewed Cabinet will have a three-level structure: Ministries, Federal Services and Federal Agencies.

Federal Services will have controlling and supervising functions. Federal Agencies will provide the services of the state. The responsibility and the role of the Ministries will be increased.

Mikhail Fradkov said that the main task of the new government will be raising living standards, fighting poverty and improving security of Russian people.

Source: NEWSru

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova