Presidential Election Poses Danger to Russia's Economy

Results of the presidential election give rise to no doubts
A presidential campaign has been launched in Russia. At that, results of the presidential election give rise to no doubts. According to various opinion polls, not less than 70 per cent of the electorate is ready to vote for Vladimir Putin.
The economic progresses of the past years, the strict and successful line followed in Northern Caucasus are the basis of the sweeping popularity enjoyed by incumbent President Vladimir Putin. The recent act of terrorism in the Moscow subway has once again demonstrated the importance of straight-out fighting against international terrorism.
Analysts with the Megatrustoil financial company think that at the same time results of the forthcoming presidential election may deliver a strong blow against Russia's political stability.
Political stability is an important condition for stable economic growth and for avoidance of upheavals on financial markets. Several politicians participating in the election race speak a lot about natural rent and proclaim radical leftist views. If we take into consideration the low level of economic education and the poverty of a great part of the population, statements of this kind may become incredibly popular here.
It has been stated several times already that profiteering with the notion of natural rent is an undisguised deception of Russians. The oil and gas sector is still Russia's key competitive advantage in the global economy. Considerable domination of radical leftist views popularized by candidates for presidency will demonstrate that Russia still has much political risk.  

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova