What do Russians expect from Vladimir Putin?

The greatest  request Russians have to their President is not solving the Chechen problem (as it was four years ago), but restoring the superpower status of for Russia.
This fact was discovered after the opinion survey of 1600 Russians conducted by sociologists of the Analytical Service. This poll results were compared with those of four years ago.
Among the voters for the Presidential elections the coming March, 58 percent expect from the President restoring superpower status for Russia, 48 percent hope that the Head of State will pay special attention to fair allocation of revenues in the interests of common people. 45 percent of those surveyed said it is important to strengthen law-enforcement, 43 percent hope that after the Presidential elections the war in Chechnya stops, 41 said it is important to return common people the money they were deprived of because of economic reforms, 39 want the state to hold more control over the economy, 38 percent believe the reforms should continue, but become more sensitive to the welfare issues. 

According to sociologists, after the four years of Vladimir Putin’s presidency the expectations of Russians have not changed much. The only difference is that the number of those hoping that the President will be able to strengthen law-enforcement, had a 9 percent decrease (54 percent in 2000), and there 7 percent less people believing the President will solve the Chechnya problem.

Source: PTR

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova