Vladimir Putin, “Russia does not negotiate with terrorists, it annihilates them”

President Putin said on February 6 that Russia "has no negotiations with terrorists, it annihilates them".
"The universally recognized method of fighting terrorism is denying any negotiations with terrorists because any contact with them encourages committing new, bloodier crimes”, Vladimir Putin said.

”Russia has not negotiated with terrorists and is not going to do this in future. This is a terrible ordeal for all the victims of this terrorist act and for all our country”, President Putin said in the end of his negotiations with Azerbaijani Presedent Aliev in the Kremlin.

The Head of State expressed his condolences to all the victims and the families of the people killed during the tragedy in Moscow Metro”.

”We need no confirmations, we know for sure that Chechen leader Maskhadov and his bandits are involved in this act of terrorism”, Vladimir Putin said. He considers the recent appeals from abroad to start negotiations with terrorists and the new act of terrorism as not a pure coincidence. According to Russian President, this fact indirectly testifies that Maskhadov is involved in the recent acts of terrorism in Russia, ITAR – TASS information agency reports.

Source: Strana.ru

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova