Court verdict to Vasily Shakhnovsy: guilty, but not dangerous to society

Former Head of Yukos-Moscow company Vasily Shakhnovsky has been released in the hearing room, Liberty Radio reports.
Meshansky District Court of Moscow recognized Shakhnovsy being guilty of evading taxes for the sum more than 28.5 million roubles (about $ 1 million). However, he was released because “the situation has changed and mitigating circumstances have been discovered”, reports AK&M.
The court sentenced Shakhnovsky to one year of imprisonment and immediately released him on the grounds of mitigating circumstances: first time under prosecution, state awards, three children.
In addition, Shakhnovsky has already repaired the damage to the state he caused, and amendments were made to the Criminal Code.
The court agreed with the investigators’ conclusion that Shakhnovsky underpaid taxes and fees to the State Pension Fund in 1998-2000.
On January 14 Moscow court closed the case of civil suit of the Tax Ministry to former Yukos-Moscow company head Vasily Shakhnovsky.
Shakhnovsky became the first shareholder of Yukos company (which is being prosecuted by authorities) whose case was heard in court.
According to ITAR-TASS information agency, the judge justified the court verdict that “Shakhnovsky is not dangerous to the society”.
The accusation of forgery was dismissed by court. However, Shakhnovsy’s lawyers said that he had given a written undertaking not to leave the place until the court verdict becomes valid (10-day period).
The court discovered that for the purpose of tax-evasion, Shakhnovsky had signed fake contracts for consulting foreign companies.

Source: Russian information agencies

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey