Moscow “Iron Lady” to detect corrupted policemen

Police Colonel Natalia Sosnovik has been appointed Chief of Inner Security Department for Moscow city police.
For the first time in the history of the Russian police, a woman has appointed to this position. Before the appointment she was the Chief of Moscow Main Interior Administration Legal Department. There are rumors in the police circles that Chief of Moscow police Vladimir Pronin trusts her as himself, the Izestia newspaper wrote.
Russian Interior Ministry has been aware for a long time of the lack of attention to detecting corrupted policemen in Moscow.  Six months ago Chief of Russian Police Main Inner Security Administration, General Konstantin Romodanovsky severely criticized his Moscow subordinates. According to the general, the processes resulted in arresting the corrupted policemen in Moscow criminal police and other police departments, started long time ago and could be easily detected, but Moscow Main Interior Administration Inner Security Department failed to prevent the system of corruption from flourishing.
Despite criticism, former Chief of Moscow Police Inner Security Department has been promoted – in mid-January he was appointed Chief of Moscow South-Eastern District Police Administration.
 As many other Moscow police chiefs, including the city police chief Vladimir Pronin, 45-year-old Sosnovik started her career at South-Eastern District Police Administration. Her fist job was a secretary at the Investigation Department. In 1987 she started working as an inspector for Penitentiary Inspection, four years later she was appointed the Head of Prevention Office of Institution for Detaining Alcoholics.
In the end of 1991 she became an investigator. In 1994 Natalia Sosnovik received degree in law. After obtaining degree, she became more successful in career. In 1995 she was appointed the Head of Investigation Department at Nizhegorodsky Police Station, in 1998 she became the Head of Inquiry Department of South-Eastern District Municipal Police. 
In 1998 Vladimir Pronin was appointed Chief of South-Eastern District Police Administration, in 2002 both Pronin and Sosnovik started working at Moscow Main Interior Department. In May 2003 she was promoted again – to the Chief of legal Department of Moscow Main Interior department. Then she was promoted to her current position.

Colleagues characterize Natalia Sosnovik as a strong-willed woman and highly qualified specialist. However, Russian Interior Ministry reacted to Colonel Sosnovik appointment with ambiguous feelings. 
 “She is quite a professional in the sphere of investigation’, said an employee of Russian Police Main Inner Security Administration to the Izvestia newspaper.  “However, our work is very specific. Natalia Sosnovik can probably make the officers of criminal investigation departments to improve the quality of paperwork, but all the operational components of this work will have to be supervised by the new chief’s deputies”. Another problems she will face will be a hundred of men – her new subordinates. She will have to find a clue to them and deserve their trust. For this very reason Russian Police Main Inner Security Administration was not too happy about Natalia Sosnovik’s appointment. However, the Police Chief has the final word.
Interior Ministry admits that personal devotion to the Police Chief is the main factor he considers when appointing the Inner Security Department Chief because with good management this department can become the most well-informed police structure. This department’s employees are aware of the most secret affairs within the police, officials and criminal circles. Main Inner Security Administration agrees that the work of Inner Security Departments officers is narrowed to examining the appeals of the citizens suffered from policemen. However, there are no examples of producing investigation on the grounds of the department’s own operational information. There were situations when regional Inner Security Department’s officers blocked the work of Main Inner Security Administration officers arriving to the regions for checking the operational information they had.

Source: Newsru

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey