How Much Money Do Candidates for Presidency Have?

The Central Election Commission published information about bank accounts of candidates for presidency
Russia's Central Election Commission has published information about changes on bank accounts of candidates for presidency. Vremya Novostei reports that three candidates have no money on their bank accounts and one candidate has no account at all. The RF Savings Bank stated on January 14 that 1,000 rubles were transferred to Viktor Gerashchenko's election fund from the candidate’s personal assets.

The election fund of Sergey Glazyev based on his personal assets is more substantial and makes up 1 million rubles. Bank accounts of other candidates increase thanks to donations from individuals. For example, Vladimir Putin's election fund makes up 2 million 800 thousand rubles donated by some six companies. The account of Ivan Rybkin is 3 million 500,000 rubles donated by individuals; the fund of Irina Khakamada is 1 million rubles donated by natural persons as well.

Sergey Mironov is the candidate with the biggest election fund of 5 million rubles. The Russian Party of Life that nominated him as a candidate for presidency appropriated the money. The candidate has spent more money than other candidates for presidency. As of now, the election fund of Sergey Mironov has spent 1 million 15,800 rubles "for production and distribution of printed, audio and video materials, for collecting of signatures in support of the candidate." Sergey Mironov may become the first registered candidate who has to collect signatures of voters supporting him. Supporters of the Russian Party of Life have already collected 2 million 360,000 signatures for support of the party leader. The candidate expects to collect 2 million 500,000 signatures before 20 January which he hopes to be enough. The party is going to hand the lists with signatures over to the Central Election Commission on January 26.

Independent candidate Sergey Glazyev has already spent 670,223 rubles on the same purpose. Other candidates have registered the following spending: Vladimir Putin - 415,945 rubles, Ivan Rybkin - 320,580 rubles and Irina Khakamada - 52,000 rubles. The sum total on the accounts of the above-mentioned candidates for presidency makes up 12 million 781,000 rubles and their total spending makes up 2 million 474,730 rubles as of now.

Candidates for presidency Oleg Malyshkin and Nikolay Kharitonov have no money on their accounts, the same is with Vladimir Bryntsalov. According to the RF legislation, each candidate for presidency must open an account to form an election fund. However, these accounts may be opened only before documents are handed over to the Central Election Commission for registration. Candidate for presidency Anzori Aksentyev has not opened a bank account for this purpose yet.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson