New Russian football coach

Valery Gazzayev is to take the position of the head coach of the Russian national football team, replacing Oleg Romantsev. This decision was made today at the session of the executive committee of the Russian Football Association.

Oleg Romantsev ignored the session for some unknown reason, so Mikhail Gorshkov, the senior coach, had to report about the failure of the Russian squad at the World Cup in Korea and Japan. Romantsev’s absence was not something unusual, because he did not show up at other meetings such as match press-conferences, for example.

There were only two people who were running for the position: the head coach of the CSKA club, Valery Gazzayev and Locomotive coach Yury Syomin. The technical committee of the Russian Football Association could not ignore public opinion regarding the appointment of a foreign specialist to the position. The voting was as follows: 90% against and ten percent (two people) for the idea.

President of the Russian Football Association Mr.Koloskov suddenly thought that “there is not time to wait; we have to improve Russian football now, and it will take years for a foreigner to understand the specific character of our work.” Koloskov conducted negotiations with Brazilian, Italian, French, Danish candidacies, but they were all bad for the head of the Russian football. Koloskov came to the conclusion that a foreigner would not be good, so he recommended Gazzayev. Therefore, Oleg Romantsev and all other coaches of the Russian national football squad are to be referred to as “former” now.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Sergey Stefanov