"Unified Russia" to occupy the entire State Duma

“Unified Russia” (political party) is most likely to head all of the existing committees in the State Duma. Head of the Duma's temporary commission Oleg Kovalev, who also represents the “Unified Russia” political party, has announced that all of the committees will be assigned on the upcoming meeting of January 16th. “Unified Russia” however is willing to take all the hassle regarding the actions of the lower chamber of the State Duma.
At first, it was planned to divide all the committees, between all the political organizations represented in the State Duma according to seats in the Duma's lower chamber. However, Kovalev stated that some of the reports from the leftist opposition led him to believe that leftists did not intent to be responsible for Duma's work.
In addition, according to the head of the commission, oppositionists will most likely remain unsatisfied with their newly offered posts. Kovalev has also stated that communists could exploit such issues in their personal political game.
In conclusion, Kovalev confessed that no matter what happens in the State Duma, “Unified Russia” will carry full responsibility, since it was the one to collect the most votes in November elections.
 Source: Utro.Ru    

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov