New year--New prices

Moscovites to expect price increase for home utilities

Starting from January 1, 2004 price for water supply, gas, heating, as well as garbage collection will increase.
In accordance with the government's resolution, Moscovites will pay 13 rubles and 20 kopeks for garbage collection services starting from January 1, 2004. Current rates for water supply and heating will increase as well and will equal to 95 rubles and 80 kopeks. Those apartment buildings with gas pipes will have to pay 77 rubles and 80 kopeks. Those people with just one room will have to pay 4 rubles and 99 kopeks for heating per one square meter monthly. Those who own more than just one room will pay 9 rubles for every additional square meter. Monthly water supply rate will be equivalent to 89 rubles and 70 kopeks per person, reports "Interfax."
Gas will also increase in price by 1,7 rubles in early 2004, informs RIA "Novosti." Those living in apartments equipped with gas ovens and centralized heating systems will pay 9,9 rubles instead of 8,2 rubles. In case a person possesses a gas oven and a gas water heater, he will have to pay 24,2 rubles. In case a centralized heating system is absent- only 13,3 rubles.

In addition public transportation tariffs are expected to rise as well. Prices are expected to increase as early as in February. In that case, one ticket for any kind of public transportation will cost 10 rubles, instead of today's 7.   

Source: Newsru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov