Do not forget communists

"Kharitonov-our President!" Two months before the election campaign might not be enough for 500 ordinary communists to memorize this slogan by heart. As paradoxically as it may seem, Nikolay Kharitonov's candidacy of the communist party KPRF for Presidency might be a considerable step towards the party's rebirth. A Party first has to learn not to take things too seriously, too close to heart. Director of kolkhoz (collective farming) in a role of a colonel of national security appears to be the best cure…from  stupidity.
A recent party's plenum has been a success. They managed to keep Zyuganov as their leader. This was actually the first time I sincerely wished the communist leader luck. Any other person to replace him will simply dismantle the party.
The Kremlin has obviously gone mad. It is certain that it will manage to subdue everyone: rightists, leftists, gays, lesbians, everyone without any exceptions.
It will soon be revealed and everyone will soon understand the fact that there exists no global goal worth fighting for. Those in the government do not see any other goal than to remain in their seats. Ordinary people however did not cast their votes for those politicians to simply sit still in their seats. People expected some action.
Have they actually voted at all?
Director of the Central Elections Commission Veshnyakov admits there were slightly more ballots in the end. The Commission informed that about 1115 of voters had voted on December 7th, 2003. Were the ballots recalled? No. How can one take this election seriously after all this?
Even Zhirinovsky himself decided that O. Mlshkin of LDPR will be the best Putin’s rival. Brintsalov, Anpilov, Sterlingov, and Ribkin are also worthy candidates. Obviously, someone is missing here. Vasily Shandibin or Albert Makashov would also look quite nice. However, current situation in the party does not allow for such postmodern decisions to take place.
Undoubtedly, communists' refusal to participate in the upcoming elections was the most powerful move. The party however is still unable to make considerably important moves just yet. These are the two distinctive ways for the party towards complete modernization. First of all, it should learn to laugh at itself, at its own mistakes. Second of all, it should be able to learn to make strong moves in its political games.
Zyuganov had to solve two problems at the plenum. First of all, he had to keep his control over the party. And second of all, to keep the party's face right before the elections. To suggest the idea of boycott will be equivalent to giving the party’s own tempo to other political blocs. To give away the party's tempo would mean loosing control over the situation.
Obviously, under different circumstances, it would have been hard to find other candidate from KPRF than Semigin. Too sad for Kharitonov. He was a good fellow indeed. There was no other choice however. If Savitskaya and Iluykhin did not vote for Kharitonov, who managed to get 124 votes, Semigin (105 votes) would have obviously won the elections.                 
Putin's Russia is becoming to look like Tuyrkmenia or Azerbaidjan, than a European country. And if Nikolay Mikhailovich Kharitonov with a shy smile removes his candidacy ten days before the elections, one can forget about a loss of the Duma's elections in the passing year. In the meantime, Russia needs a strong opposition. 

Alexander Magidovich
Source: Pravda.Ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov