Russian clan wars

From current democracy to democratic dictatorship
A war of clans rarely touches politics. Paradoxically, politics always tend to evolve around such wars of clans. Clans' formation appears to be a prisoner’s law of survival in politics. A clan is a fist made up of various influential spheres and secured by businesses. It includes several high-ranked officials along with their powerful leader.
In Western countries (with rooted democracy) politics has already become quite profitable business. Clan leaders in such cases are the wealthiest and most influential people in the world (businessmen). In Russia, on the contrary, only a high-ranked politician can become a clan’s leader. Russian clans gain their financial profits from so-called "milking cows", artificially created successful businesses. Such "milking cow" is also used to transfer certain sums of shady tax money to the clan.
Such clans also find support in authoritative organizations, courts, in the Office of Public prosecutor and so on. Taking into account the fact that most money evolves around some shady business, clans usually turn to various criminal organizations to increase their influence throughout the entire shady market as well as to ensure own protection. In addition, clans tend to form political parties in order to increase their influence. They also elect their own delegates, buy their own media resources and hire political analysts. Each clan opens its own bank, while keeping major portion of its money abroad.
Each clan is a government within a government. Every clan in turn is divided into separate smaller mini-clans. Since there exist quite a few of such clans in Russia, they feel rather cramped at times. As a result, they feel comfortable about making money on anything, even on peoples’ disasters.
In case authorities claim that they are unable to normalize the country’s political situation, save factories from inevitable bankruptcy, prevent high-ranked officials to steal from the country’s budget, do not believe them. Authorities simply do not want to create tensions between clans, since every attempt to reach justice results in an unintentional “violation” of some clan’s interest. Whenever we talk about the “system”, we in fact deal with clans’ relationships.
The most intensive parasitism however occurs in regards to foreign politics. Clans’ interests have never taken country’s interests into account. For them, ministerial briefcases are of much better appeal. In case these clans decide to share their ministerial briefcases, the government in its race for profits becomes anti-Russian.
The country suffers the most when these clans start to make money on Western projects. What happens is that Russia becomes a resourceful adjunct and similar to killers, they begin destroying Russian valuable production branches. Current government, for instance, has not created anything new. Neither one of existing reforms seems to be working. Our economy however suffers more and more with every year.
The main essence of such parasitism of clans’ wars is that clans’ interests will always prevail. No one cares about ordinary Russian people.
Today, there exists an interesting trend in the country’s political situation. On the one hand, Putin has all the power to change things for the better. On the other hand, there emerges a tremendous possibility of power transferal to the rightist clans. According to the rules of the clans’ wars, to deny such opportunity is to disable one’s own powers.
So what can we expect from Russia in the nearest future? Is there going to be a tremendous economical leap or will the government be completely preoccupied playing clans’ wars? In case Russia chooses the second scenario, we can all expect another stage of the country’s stagnation. We will need about a year or two to fight off all the oligarchs.
In the end, a mutual resolution will be reached. We will pretend we do not notice Western investments sponsoring government’s overturns along with Western military bases appearing right by the Russian border. Westerners in turn will pretend they do not notice the fact that Russians dispossess new businesses that claim to benefit the country. In the meantime, both parties continue to pretend to express their doubts.
It will be impossible to make any reforms during clans’ wars. All of them will end up stuck in corruption and bureaucracy.
Perhaps, there will be another round to strengthen current authorities. Perhaps, new conditions will be created to enforce the communist party with an ideology of Putin’s cult (similar to North Korea). Seriously, while taking into account present political situation, we will most likely be moving towards a dead end with the President’s second term. Country’s situation might change…for the worse.
Politicians have to gain a new stimulus to do something good for the people and for the country. People will also have to feel free to express their opinions (and be heard) more often, not just once in every four years. They must think about the people, instead of satisfying their own greed. After all, Russian people constitute Russia's future.

Andrey Nesteron

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov