Moscow is the most expensive city in Europe

An international company "Mercer Human Resource Consulting LLC" conducts annual ratings of living expenses in the largest cities of the world. Two hundred of the most popular goods and services are compared in price around the globe, between them: accommodation rent, food, clothes, transport and entertainment. All of this is necessary to calculate expatriates' salaries and visit costs.

Moscow became second only to Tokyo in this year's rating, meaning it is the most expensive city in Europe. The second place in Europe belongs to Geneva, London is the third.  Life in Moscow is 14% more expensive than in New York, which is the 10th in the world. Osaka is the second most expensive on Earth, then comes Hong Kong, Zurich, Saint-Petersburg, Oslo.

The cheapest life in the world awaits one in Ascension, the capital of Paraguay. It is three times cheaper in comparison with Moscow.

The least expensive regions are New Zealand and Australia. The one city of the region which is in the first hundred of the most expensive cities of the world is Sydney, and life there is one and half times cheaper than in Moscow.

There are no Canadian cities in the first hundred.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov