Putin has opened up Russias' borders for citizens of former USSR

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new citizenship law.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law enabling citizens of the Republics of former USSR to acquire Russian citizenship more easily.

The law has already been approved by the State Duma and the members of the Board of Federation. According to the radio station "Svoboda", such simplification of the process of citizenship acquisition also applies to veterans of WWII, graduates of Russian high schools and colleges as well as citizens of the former Union republics born on the Russian territory.

The new law also undermines the so-called transitional phase. During this period citizens of the former USSR who had registered their home addresses in Russian Federation before July 1, 2002, or those who had received a status of a permanent resident also qualify, states RBK.

People will neither be asked about their sources of income, nor will they be required to speak fluent Russian. In case their applications for citizenship will be submitted before January 1, 2006, they will not be provided a place to stay either. The new citizenship guidelines will also be applicable to those who have been married to a Russian citizen for more than three years.  


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov