Putin Strongly Against Privatization Revision

Although the president understands the public opinion about it

President Valdimir Putin has confirmed it again - privatization results are not going to be revised in Russia. Putin said that to Corriere della Sera and RAI  television company reporters on the threshold of his official visit to Italy.

Answering the question about the situation with the Russian oil giant Yukos and the arrest of its CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Putin emphasized that nothing extraordinary would happen in Russia. The president added, there was no reason to believe authoritarian aspects were showing in Russia's politics.

"I do not see any reasons to believe so. Our situation is probably more complicated than in other countries with the stable market economy. Unlike in other countries, the people with such a fortune have never been called into criminal account in Russia" the president said. "It is thought that the current events in Russia may lead to deprivatization and I understand such ideas. Indeed, one may give a rather critical estimation to the privatization process. There were a lot of mistakes made during the process. That is why, various Russian forces have been talking about the revision of privatization results," the president said.

"I am strongly against the privatization revision despite the fact that the results are not perfect. I am certain that it will lead to serious negative changes both for the economy and for the social field. That is why, there will be no deprivatization or the revision or privatization results. Everybody must learn to live in compliance with the country's laws," the head of the state said.

Speaking about Yukos, Vladimir Putin said that the criminal charges the Office of the Prosecutor General had brought down against Mikhail Khodorkovsky must be proved at court. It will be possible to talk about guilt only after it has been legally proved.

Author`s name Olga Savka