World Interested in Russia's Unique Technologies for Subs

The unique technology helps avert ecological disasters that old submarines may cause
PRAVDA.Ru was the first among the Russian mass media that reported about the unique technologies: polystyrene filled in the empty bodies of old submarines saves them from sinking. Reports of leading online agencies on the subject are really nice. Great Britain intends to appropriate $5.5 million to guarantee floatation of multi-purpose nuclear submarines meant for decommissioning.

By the middle of 2004, two joint projects are supposed to be carried out together with Great Britain. In the framework of the projects, floatation of 103 multi-purpose submarines of the Russian Navy meant for decommissioning is to be guaranteed. Great Britain intends to appropriate finance for development of special pontoons for safe transportation of nuclear submarines to the decommissioning sites and for use of polystyrene in the driving ballast tanks. These are technologies implemented by the Severny Reid (North Raid) enterprise in the city of Severodvinsk (the Arkhangelsk Region). Acting Director of Severny Reid Sergey Volkov told PRAVDA.Ru that the Russian enterprise took for granted the fact of Great Britain's participation in the project. He added: "We must be really grateful to Great Britain for the understanding of problems of guaranteeing the durability of ecologically unsafe objects. Indeed, the potential danger of old submarines that can no longer be used may result in an ecological disaster not only in some regions but even on a wider scale. Our enterprise, in its turn, will do its best to justify the hopes of the foreign partner for successful use of the polystyrene technology.

Experts from other countries have already demonstrated their interest in the technology. Indeed, it may help successfully keep afloat not only outdated submarines but also any other floating vessels, from floating piers to vessels of great displacement. In fact, the operational period of some vessels can be prolonged through usage of the polystyrene floatation technology. We want all companies and countries in use of the technology to contact us via email [email protected]. We are happy to consider all propositions from any part of the world."

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Author`s name Michael Simpson