Safe And Fair World Order To Rely On International Legal Basis - Putin

PutinThe coherence between different nations' interests and safe and fair world order can only be achieved if we rely upon a solid international legal basis, and its effective practical tools, including the UN as the most essential. This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin while foreign ambassadors were handing their credentials to him.

The ceremony took place in the Aleksandrovsky (Alexander) Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace, and was attended by ambassadors of Kenya, Jordan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Mali, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Canada, the Republic of Mozambique, Qatar and Ireland.

According to the Russian head of state, this country highly appreciates their nations' support for the UN's key role. Putin expressed the hope that this sense of shared responsibility for the future of humanity will guide us in our common work.

"All of you here represent different nations, but the world is very interconnected and interdependent these days," he said to the ambassadors. "We are equally concerned about international terrorism and ethnic conflicts, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the threat posed by organized crime and drugs trafficking." "The key issues of today, including those related to the environment and epidemics, need to be handled jointly," the Russian head of state added.

Speaking to the Ambassador of the republic of Kenya, Putin said: "Our political and trade and economic co-operation has broad prospects." Speaking about Russia's relations with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the president noted: "We are willing to expand our cooperation in many areas, including on the international arena." Putin expressed his conviction that Russia's future relations with Uzbekistan would be built on a parity basis, with each partner's interests duly taken into account. He also expressed confidence that the two countries would more actively pool their anti-terrorist and anti-drug efforts in order to promote stability and security in the Central Asian region.

Speaking of co-operation with Ireland, Putin noted that once that country chaired the EU in 2004, "it would promote our two countries' cooperation." Putin also emphasized the high level of political understanding between Russia and the Republic of Mali, along with pointing to a positive dynamics of Russia's relations with Luxembourg, one of the world's leading financial centers.

According to him, the Russian-Canadian relations are currently going through a most fruitful and successful period. The key goal here, as the president put it, is to expand the scope of interaction.

He laid out Russia's plans to further maintain friendly contacts with the Republic of Mozambique.

The president also underlined that Russia's relations with Qatar "could be advanced to a higher level."

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin