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Abramovich Update: New Target - Hockey?

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich is plunging into the sports life more and more
Russian businessman Roman Abramovich is plunging into the sports life more and more. reports some details of the negotiations that the Russian oligarch conducted with the Vancouver hockey club
It was Chairman of the Russian Sports Committee Vyacheslav Fetisov who suggested the idea to Roman Abramovich. London's Evening Standard quotes Vyacheslav Fetisov as saying: "It would be nice to have a team consisting of Russian players in the International Hockey League. This would stir up the interest to sports events."
Meanwhile, Canada's Vancouver Sun reports that Roman Abramovich has already contacted Canada to find out how much the Canucks club may cost. The management of the IHL club hasn't confirmed this information, but they add they are ready for this kind of negotiations.

Roman Abramovich has already bought the Avangard hockey club (the Russian city of Omsk); this year he also became the owner of London's Chelsea. According to, the attempts to buy the Dallas hockey club failed. However, the failure hasn't damped Roman Abramovich, especially that now Chelsea regularly becomes the winner. As they say, the appetite comes with eating.

As is became known yesterday, UEFA Chief Executive Gerhard Aigner strongly criticized the Russian businessman. He said: "So, now anyone can make up a team of world football stars and nothing can be done with it. Someone may buy a club that may suddenly become a candidate for victory in the Champions League. I think this is not the way that football should follow. This deprives young athletes of the opportunity to play, they thus have to remain reservists." He mentioned Borussia from Moenchengladbach, Malme, Ipswich and other teams that were seeking success through development of their own schools and thanks to love for football. "Now we have lost it which certainly causes much damage to the game. Those who make business decisions today may further destroy the whole football structure."