Author`s name Michael Simpson

Communists Expel Sergey Glazyev from Internet

A personal page of Duma deputy Sergey Glazyev on the official website of the Russian Federation Communist Party is closed. PRAVDA.Ru offers the deputy to open his personal page on its website
The actions of the Communist Party, the largest opposition party in Russia are getting more and more puzzling. First Communist leaders make statements that are typical of clinical patients. Then they take up an apologia of Yukos, whish looks rather indecent since some members of the company are on the party list. Recently, the party has recently started some kind of crusade against Russian oligarchs.

This time (may be under the pressure of the client) it's probably necessary to say something offending concerning the bloc of Sergey Glazyev.

The closure of Sergey Glazyev's personal web page on the website of the party which by the way has very small audience is much like squabble. Do much people visit the website to read the pages of Gennady Zyuganov or some other members of the party?

Alexander Magidovich

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