New Patriotic Bloc Established

Sergey Glazyev believes, it is possible to improve people's well-being in several years

Three parties signed the agreement to establish the people's patriotic coalition on Sunday. They were the Russian Regions Party, the party of the national revival People's Will, and Spiritual Legacy Party. The first congress of the new coalition took place the same day. There were 13 parties determined during the congress that would have an opportunity to include their candidacies on the federal list of the bloc.

The participants of the congress approved the name of the bloc: as it was supposed before, nobody had any objections against the title "Fatherland." The full name of the new coalition is: "Fatherland - The People's Patriotic Union." The second question on the agenda of the congress was connected with the program of the new organization.

One of the basic thesis of the election program is the change of Russia's social, economic and political status-quo that was formed during Boris Yeltsin's era. Sergey Glazyev, chairman of the bloc said, the current situation in the country can be good only to oligarchs, but not to the society of the real patriots. The development of the contemporary society is based on the people capable of creating and developing new technologies, but not on the ones, who exploit the labor. Sergey Glazyev believes, there are no contradictions today between the economic development and the improvement of people's well-being. "The country has a scientific potential, raw materials, we have an opportunity to achieve a high level of the economic development and provide high salaries for people too," Glazyev said. As far as the economic part of the program is concerned, the coalition leader think, it is extremely important to make the country's budget more socially-oriented, to avoid the detriment to other paragraphs of the budget. Glazyev has certain suggestions for the implementation of this point of the election program. For instance, Sergey Glazyev is certain, one should pay prime attention to the development of such economic branches as biotechnology, machine-building, aerodynamics, missile building. These industries are capable of returning up to 30 or even 50 percent of the GDP. Sergey Glazyev realizes the need of investments for that purpose. He suggests the introduction of the so-called natural rent: to return superprofits of raw materials sales to the state. Glazyev believes, it will be possible to double the budgetary spending on education, to triple the spending on science and so on. "It is about time we should put an end to the situation, when a small group of people receives huge profits. We need a large people's and patriotic coalition to change the situation. I would like to congratulate our associates on the start of the new important stage in the country's political life. I call upon everyone to unite and to move toward the elections," Sergey Glazyev stated at the end of his speech.

During the press briefing, Sergey Glazyev told reporters, the new patriotic bloc had been formed. The politician said, if the coalition had been established earlier, it would have been possible to avoid the plundering of Russia: "Unfortunately, we failed to convince the Communist Party to run as a single election bloc. However, if we succeed in conducting the election campaign, we will be able to win the majority of seats in the Duma. After that we will finally execute our plan of the wide coalition with communist and agrarian parties," Sergey Glazyev stated.

The last question on agenda was connected with the Supreme Council of the new election bloc. As a result, the board counts 21 members. Sergey Glazyev, Dmitry Rogozin, Yury Sokolov and Sergey Baburin were elected co-chairmen of the council.

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Author`s name Olga Savka