Man Claims he is Putin's Relative

Ivan Putin, 75, says he is a relative of Russia President Vladimir Putin. The pensioner says that his late brother looked very much like the president
The man is confident of the fact not because of his last name. The pensioner says that his late brother looked very much like the president. Now the man is trying to make up his family tree and sends letter to the famous namesake.

Ivan Ilyich Putin introduced himself to a correspondent of the Stavropolsky Meridian newspaper and invited her in. "Yes, I am actually Putin. But as for my son, he is an absolute namesake of the president: my son's name is Vladimir Putin as well. He graduated from the Academy of Law. Now he works as a lawyer at the Vodokanal municipal enterprise; he has an intention to defend a thesis."
Ivan Putin says that the son is a modest man but firm of purpose, very much like the president. The father says that Vladimir's intention to become a lawyer was so strong that he underwent entrance examinations to the institute for five years running. He tells about the son: "He is clever and industrious, but doesn't like to be in public. Vladimir likes his famous namesake, but doesn't like when people start speaking about the coincidence of the names. Indeed, when the namesake became the president it added popularity to our family as well. People always ask Vladimir if he is a relative to President Vladimir Putin."

Ivan Putin thinks his family and the president are of the same roots; however he still fails to prove this fact. Each time when Ivan's son goes to Moscow, the father asks him to work up the archives for more details about the relatives of the Russian president. Ivan Putin is eager to get more information about the background of the president as his brother astonishingly looked like the incumbent president of the country.

The man even demonstrated an old photo of his brother: indeed, the face of a man on the crumpled picture resembles Russia's president. In fact, Ivan Putin slightly resembles the president himself as well.

The pensioner supposes he and the president may have the same genes. "It's a pity that my parents are not alive. They would have told me for sure whether President Vladimir Putin and we may be relatives or not. Now I am working on the family tree. I am sure that my ancestors were the relatives of the president's ancestors."
Ivan Putin is bearing the burden of popularity with dignity; he is happy to tell people about his family.

Ivan Putin comes from Russia's Saratov Region; he moved to Stavropolye in the 1970s and still lives there. He has two sons and a daughter. Ivan Putin says he always bears his name with dignity. Over his lifetime the man worked as a constructor worker, as a stableman and as a boss: he was at head of a housing and communal economy department before retired on a pension.

Today Ivan Putin is a pensioner; he devotes all his time to upbringing of four grandchildren. However, he is troubled with the present-day condition of the housing economy infrastructure. "The city area that used to be my authority is now divided between three departments for housing and communal economy. However, they are still very ineffective. People working there explain the poor operation with lack of financing. But I should say that we always experienced money problems, but still managed to operate efficiently."

The name of Ivan Putin is rather popular in Stavropolye: he is an active participant of situations and scandals connected with housing economy problems. People ask him for help when they have problems with their water pipes or leaking roofs. If he fails to come to an agreement with communal department workers, he writes letters to local newspapers; it was very often that Ivan’s fluent pen helped solve other people's problems.

It may sound incredible but he namesake of the Russian president is a really particular man: he has the ability to attract objects made of different materials to his body like a magnet. Ivan Putin tells: "When my grandchildren were very little I was a toy for them. They attached different items to my body, thus I could find up to 20 spoons and even an iron stuck to the body."

Ivan Putin discovered the ability to attract different objects in 1965. When the family celebrated Ivan's birthday, they noticed that the TV set emitted some strange noise each time the man passed it by. Then he suddenly pressed a spoon to the chest and was surprised to see it didn't drop. For the sake of an experiment Ivan attached different objects to the body and each time he discovered the objects stuck to the body as if they were glued.

When people learnt about the unusual ability they offered Ivan Putin to start healing people's diseases, but he refused. He says he has no time for this. Now he pursues the only objective of becoming related with President Vladimir Putin. The man from Stavropolye sends letters to the president saying that he should try not to stain the name. Ivan Putin recommends his namesake get rid of the oligarchs to establish order in Russia. Unfortunately, the president hasn't yet replied any of Ivan's letters. However, Ivan Putin doesn't feel offended as he thinks the president hasn't got the letter personally. "All Putins I've ever known are decent people and I think the president is also a man of this sort."

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova