Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

Boy Gives Up School-leaving Party to Serve in Army

While many boys dodge the draft, Sergey asked to have final exams earlier and left for the army of his own free will
An unprecedented thing happened during the recently concluded draft campaign. A school leaver in the Udmurtia settlement of Balezino Sergey Volkov refused to participate in ceremonious granting of secondary education certificates and in a party dedicated to school leaving.

Sergey Volkov celebrated his 18th birthday being still at school. The boy always wanted to serve in the Russian army, but he understood that a draft campaign finished right before a school-leaving party. That is why he faced a choice whether to go to the army or to have a party; the boy preferred to go to the army. Sergey asked the director of his school to allow him pass his final exams before the appointed time.
The Belezino regional education department gave a permission to pass exams ahead of the schedule, but later the RF Education Ministry declared the act a flagrant violation. The final exams were held earlier for Sergey so that he could go to the army in the framework of the spring draft campaign.  

It is strange that even the Prosecutor's Office got interested in the unusual appeal of a boy to have exams earlier so that he could go to the army. The military registration and enlistment office of Belezino commented upon the unusual fact especially for the Prosecutor's Office.   
Sergey has always dreamed of serving in the frontier troops because his father used to be a frontier guard. Sergey knew that conscription to the frontier troops was held in early June, right at the time when final exams are traditionally held at schools. That is why he had an idea to pass the exams earlier.
The boy was brought up by his grandparents and lived with them before he left for the army. Sergey's grandmother says it was his cherished dream to serve in the frontier troops. She is happy that the grandson is healthy to do his duty in the army.
In his first letter from the army Sergey wrote that he served not in the frontier troops as he had dreamed but in the Air Force; he says he likes the army service and isn't homesick. The grandmother promised that she would go to school to get the school-leaving certificate instead of Sergey. 

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