Political Intrigues Underway Before Parliamentary Elections in Russia

Parties do their best to slander each other

A provocation has always been used in the Russian policy - there is no easier and non-punishable way to satisfy certain low human instincts. The party Going Together currently bears the palm as the political instigator in Russia at present. It is a lot easier to do bad things, if you wear a T-shirt with Vladimir Putin's face on it. It makes people immune to remorse.

Which ways can be used to struggle with a political adversary? There are honest and dishonest ways. The first variant implies that a party or a movement is supposed to have a well-reasoned political program, wide social support, a professional team, organizational resources and so on. If a political organization does not have any of that, they use discreditable material, black PR, manipulations and so on. There is nothing easier than to slander an opponent, if it is too hard to defeat them honestly.

The two major political adversaries of the coming elections are known already: they are United Russia and the Communist Party. Communists accuse the so-called party of power of running conciliatory policy with the anti-national government, trying to prove their statements with numbers and facts. United Russia responds with similar accusations, claiming that communists are linked with oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

The party Going Together is following United Russia's footsteps. The party has recently arranged a provocation in Volgograd - the city, where the Communist Party traditionally enjoys strong support. Activists with Putin's image on their T-shirts were offering passers-by to photograph next to a cardboard political persona. They did not charge anything for a photo, they simply asked people to fill out a questionnaire of five questions. All those questions were aimed to find out Russian people's attitude to the cooperation between the Communist Party and Boris Berezovsky.

Vasily Yakemenko, leader of Going Together, said that the action in Volgograd was meant to attract young people to the political life of the state. However, such stupid questions, which make people become a part of a certain deal, can only evoke aversion to politics, but not interest. Members of the party Going Together believe that one should not let young people stay indifferent to parliamentary elections that are to take place at the end of the current year. That is why, Yakemenko promised that his party activists would go out in the streets many times in the nearest future.

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Author`s name Olga Savka