Pacific Fleet Conducts War Games in Peter the Great Bay

The Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet launched its scheduled large-scale war games in Peter the Great Bay, Russia's Primorye (Maritime) territory, April 15. This was disclosed to RIA-NOVOSTI here today at the Pacific Fleet's press center.

The Varyag nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser flying the pennant of fleet commander Admiral Victor Fedorov, the Admiral Tributs capital ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) ship, two destroyers, four mine-sweepers, four small submarine-chasers, a group of guided-missile motor-boats, Varshavyanka-class diesel-powered submarines, naval aviation, as well as several amphibious-landing ships replete with marine units, are taking part in this exercise.

Ground-based air-defense elements, radio-electronic warfare units, as well as coastal guided-missile and artillery units, have also been placed on Red Alert.

The current naval exercise in the Sea of Japan's Russian sector will last for five consecutive days in line with the Russian defensive doctrine. These war games aim to defend national high-seas borders and land borders against a theoretical enemy, press-center people noted.

The present-day exercise stipulates a simulated naval battle involving the theoretical enemy's warships, missile launches, as well as target-shooting practice involving artillery systems. Plans are also in place to clear simulated mine-fields, to hunt down and "destroy" the theoretical enemy's submarines and to repel air raids, as well.

A large marine unit will stage an amphibious landing on a rugged coast, subsequently establishing a beach-head there and hurling "enemy" forces into the sea.

That amphibious landing will be supported by warships and naval aviation.

Meanwhile a Pacific Fleet squadron comprising the Admiral Shaposhnikov and Admiral Panteleev capital ASW ships, as well as the Vladimir Kolechitsky military tanker, continues to sail for the Indian Ocean. Joint Russian-Indian naval war games will subsequently be held there.

A large-scale naval exercise will get underway on the Kamchatka Peninsula, after the Primorye exercise winds up, the press center's officials said in conclusion.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin