Russian and German Politicians Call for 'More Europe' and 'Less US'

The final session of the Petersburg Dialogue forum's Politics working group was held on Saturday, April 12 under the slogan 'More Europe, Less US.'

Russian and German politicians, political analysts and academics discussed how to introduce a new peaceful order in post-war Iraq. Participants drew attention to the beginning of the formation of a new alliance with Germany and Russia at its centre. Both Germany and Russia highlighted the importance of attracting Eastern European countries to this alliance, especially as it may arouse an 'understandable concern' in those countries.

The general opinion was that the US would preserve its leadership status for the time being, although this would be accompanied by a parallel process of 'corrosion of the Western bloc on the whole.' Participants in the meeting underlined that the uni-polar world model is increasingly being seen by European countries as unacceptable, and so the search for new alliances is beginning.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin