State Duma Adopts Law on Social Protection of Disabled People

The lower chamber of the Russian parliament, or the State Duma, passed a bill at its plenary meeting Friday. The new bill introduces additions and amendments to the Federal Law On the Social Protection of People with Disabilities in the Russian Federation, and to a number of legal acts covering the provision of people with special needs with technical means of rehabilitation.

The bill provides for higher federal allocations for the social protection of people with disabilities, as well as substantial financing by the constituent regions of the Russian Federation, and by the Social Insurance Fund. The amendments stipulate that the funds for the technical rehabilitation means be allocated from the federal and regional budgets.

Additional funds can also be raised for the purpose, from any sources except "those prohibited by law." The bill further explains that rehabilitation means include devices for transportation, self-service devices, special devices for care, orientation, communication and exchange of information.

Rehabilitation of people with disabilities means recovery of those people's capabilities required for their everyday, social and professional activities. The goal of rehabilitation is achievement of the lowest possible degree of limitations on the person's life, the bill points out.