Pulkovo to Sign Cooperation Agreement with Tunisian Airline

Tunisian company Karthago Airlines has introduced a new regular service between St. Petersburg and Tunisia. This was announced on Wednesday, April 9 by the company's general director Mehdi Gharbi. He said that 47,000 Russians visited Tunisia in 2002, which was 74% more than in the previous year. The company is expecting a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting Tunisia as a result of the new service.

All of Karthago Airlines' flights to Russia will be organised jointly with the HTL travel agency, which will be the airline's official representative in Russia. A treaty between Russia and Tunisia, according to which Karthago Airlines will become Tunisia's national carrier to Russia, will be signed soon, said Gharbi. A regular service between St. Petersburg and Monastir (Tunisia) will operate once every ten days on Wednesdays and Fridays. 'A main aim is to increase the frequency of flights on this route, and not to compete with Pulkovo, which until recently operated all flights from St. Petersburg to Tunisia,' said Gharbi. 'Karthago Airlines and Pulkovo will shortly sign a cooperation agreement.'