State Duma Speaker Believes Russia Will Discuss Iraqi Debts with Iraq's New Government

Russia is likely to negotiate Iraqi debts with Iraq's new government, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Gennady Seleznev stated at a press conference on Friday.

He gave these comments in response to the US statement saying that the Russian government must write off Iraqi debts to Russia.

"So far, Iraq is not the US 51st state, accordingly, the issue is outside America's competence," Seleznev is convinced.

The Speaker believes the USA owes Russia about 2 bln dollars for unfulfilled contracts. "We must think about the compensation for the contracts," Seleznev stated.

"We are constantly negotiating, we know every kopeck invested into the objects and we intend to continue negotiations with Iraq's new government or the USA on the issue," Seleznev stressed.

He believes that in connection with this situation the State Duma will make a corresponding amendment to the draft resolution concerning the Iraqi crisis being considered at its plenary session on Friday.