Undeclared War Waged on Russia

Sergey Ivanov: The nuclear potential is one of the ways to counteract evil

Russian president Vladimir Putin has recently conducted a traditional session with the leadership of his administration, with governmental officials and military department ministers. The agenda of the session included actual issues of Russia’s home and foreign policies. Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov set forth the concept of the country's nuclear program. As the minister stated, the Russian nuclear force is supposed to guarantee the prevention of external aggression. “A very important direction of the military construction in the country is the guarantee that there would be no aggression shown against us and our allies,” specified the Defense Minister. Sergey Ivanov also said that military reforms in the Russian Federation are a priority goal for the country. According to the minister, one of the major goal of those reforms is “to keep an opportunity to solve nuclear prevention goals in order to prevent a large-scale war or aggression in a possible military conflict.”

Ivanov stressed out the increased role of the Armed Forces in the fight with terrorism. “It became clear to everyone after tragic events of September 11th, 2001, as well as after the hostage crisis in Moscow in October of 2002, that the Cold War was changed with a completely different kind of war - the war with the international terrorism. A military force is one of the ways to counteract this evil,” said Sergey Ivanov. “On the ground of the geopolitical situation around Russia, Russia gives its first priority to political, diplomatic, economic and other non-military ways to provide its national security, settle global international issues. Russia accepts the objective necessity to possess the nuclear potential, which will be good for the country's defense.

The Defense Minister also said that a war was waged against Russia. Ivanov added that the war was going on for more than one year already. “No state declared war on us. There are people, organizations, which participate in hostile actions against Russia. This is a new kind of war, this is an informational war too. The first Chechen campaign is the quintessence of the complete helplessness in the field of information. When the Armed Forces executed their duty, they were boxed in the ear instead,” declared the Russian Defense Minister.

Another relevant activity direction, according to Sergey Ivanov, is to make Russia’s Armed Forces be capable of conducting an active struggle with terrorism.” Ivanov believes that this struggle should be carried out together with other troops and bodies. The minister believes that the first priority attention should be paid to amending methods and ways for conducting military actions with the help of restricted in number military groups in local and armed conflicts.

On the photo: President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka