Russia's Far East Hosting International Youth Forum

The city of Khabarovsk /Russia's Far East/ has hosted the opening of the International youth forum, The Earth is Our Home.

Young people from Russia's Far eastern cities, China, Japan, North Korea, Mongolia as well as students from different countries studying at Khabarovsk's universities are participating in the international forum, head of the forum's organisational committee, Deputy Chairman of the Khabarovsk union of international friendship societies Nina Fomina has told RIA Novosti.

The forum is scheduled to last for three days. Its programme includes plenary sessions, discussions in groups, with their key topic being the culture of different nations.

Mongolian representatives are preparing a report on their national holiday, Nadom, on competitions in national sports such as horse race, archery and wrestling, Nina Fomina stated. Chinese representatives will speak about their folk arts and national craft. The research made by their Japanese colleague will touch upon traditions and holidays, for example, the annually celebrated Boy's Day. Russian students have also prepared several reports on icons, gods and the ancient Slavs' holidays as well as Russian cuisine.

Moreover, theatre performances staged after Russian fairy tales, concerts and other cultural events are also on the agenda of the forum, Fomina pointed out.

The forum is aimed at intensifying information sharing, strengthening confidence, mutual understanding and co-operation between the youth of the Asia-Pacific region.