The Stalin Birthday: the Country Filled Up with Dead Bodies

Ten or even five years ago, December 21, patriots of all colours gathered to celebrate the Iosif Stalin birthday with his pictures and posters.

Though, today, no passion is seen in the Stalinists eyes, especially in communists. Did they stop loving the leader? No, they probably started to understand in another way what the phenomenon it was – comrade Stalin. As it became clear, in some aspects of the country ruling, Vladmir Putin uses conceptual buildups of Stalin (not that one of his leadership, but of the governing), so Stalinists started to die out as a kind. Today, Russia is filled up with dead bodies, I mean politically dead.

Yes, the tyrant annihilated many people. Yes, he was severe. Yes, so-called world community was afraid of him and even created NATO to resist “uncle Joe.” Though… Within last 11 years, the 270-million USSR died out (it was not reduced, but namely died out) to 148-million Russia. So, where are these 120 million Soviet people? Is it Stalin, who annihilated them? Even Western economists admit Russia is hard to ruin for it lies on the fundament built by Stalin. The tyrant who used the work of million of convinced people furthered industrialization of the agricultural country with such tempos, about which today’s Asian tigers, even China, could only dream. While Stalin ruled alone.

I would like to quote a Russian Internet article of some author, who spite his pro-Stalin spirits, is not a stupid Stalinist at all. “For already 10 years, “patriots,” while criticizing the authorities activity do not stop repeating that if Stalin had been alive, he would have at once introduce order in the country. Some criminals would have been canned, others - shot. Within the whole time of Putin’s government, it was many time noticed the new President activities were very similar to that ones of Stalin. These statements are not welcomed by Stalinists. Why? – they cry. – Stalin was absolute master of the country. He displaced and pointed ministers as he wanted!” Though, was it really so?

"The study of the Stalin activity shows this was not so at all. Stalinists prefer to see only the last years of the Stalin government, while Stalin himself even could not publish his complete works during his life. His works publication was stopped in 1948, after 13th volume (his 1934 works) was issued. And what was afterwards? Did Stalin stop writing? No, he did not. He wrote much. Among the non-published works of Stalin, there is his political testament – the work “Economical Issues of Socialism in the USSR.” The Stalin works were stopped publishing for “world agents” through their contacts in the USSR power structures made their best to deprive world nations of theoretical works created by Stalin. Stalinist should know Stalin has never had his own administration staff.

"One could not at once get to administration. The administration members must be prepared, then the old ones should displaced, putting new specialists, which is not so easy. While Stalin did it. Though, Trotskists hindered him, many of his disciples were killed in the war. So, till his death, Stalin was forced to use that Trotskist administration staff of cosmopolites he inherited from Lenin and Trotsky. And only three years after the Stalin death, Trotskists who hid themselves during his life, carried out the 20th party congress, where they “unmasked” the Stalin cult of personality, having made him responsible for their own crimes. While the “unmaskers” were the same people once considered by the Stalin brothers-in-arm in building a new and just society.

"Stalin did not have a good reserve of administrative personnel of the state level, so he had to suit all these Trotskists for his activity for the country good. While the Trotskist staff did not always suit fully. It is not a secret that Stalin’s influence upon the country government was not the same in different times. Till 1928, that was Trotsky, who practically ruled the country. And only after he concluded a temporary union with Trotskists Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin and others, Stalin managed to theoretically win a victory over Trotsky in the all-Russian party discussion and to displace him. This was a great victory of Stalin, though it was not definitive. Trotskists remained in the country government till 1938, when they started to annihilate each other in their fight for power.

Stalin did not hinder them. However Stalin had to resign himself with Trotskist genocide of Soviet people in 1937 to prevent them from annihilating the country and to later annihilate the Trotskists themselves. If he had opposed  on the 17th party congress (the “congress of victors”) the Trotskist decision to limit execution of “people’s enemies,” Trotskists would have subject Stalin himself as traitor of revolution to repression. The “victors” biographies leave no doubts about it. Let us take at least the great marshal Tukhachevsky (executed in 1937) who lost all battles in front, though won a victory over rebelled villagers in Tambov Region: against them he used artillery and poisoning gases and even burned living people in sheds, in other words, he did what later Hitler soldiers did  in Byelorussia and in many other places. Stalin did not openly oppose these plans, while he averted a more wide-ranging realization of these plans, while that party workers who planned genocide against people were killed in NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) they themselves had created.

"Stalin, who inherited the ruined agricultural country with illiterate population, left to their “heirs” the restored (after two world wars) country, with general literacy, with developed science and industry, with nuclear weapon and prepared for conquest of space. Stalin obtained all this for he was not a public politician thinking only about his rating. He did his work!”

Though, today’s Stalinist do not understand this work, for they cannot understand what Putin makes. They cannot see that Putin annihilates the circumstances which caused the USSR defeat in Cold War. Look, who surrounds him! Do you need some comments? There is an impression that Putin is also alone… So, when Putin is called to openly declare his plans which are not supported yet by the society, this is nothing but a provocation and an attempt to stop his work for the country good. And so far the country is filled up with political corpses of Stalinists, anti-Stalinists and just politicians…

Quotations and theses from the article of S.Galkin (the city of Novoaltaisk, Altai Region) used in the article.

Vitaly Bratkov

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Author`s name Olga Savka