Kremlin: Russia is not confronting Americans. Russia is confronting their ideology

Kremlin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave an interview to the MGIMO 360 news channel, in which he answered questions about the presidential election, Russia's nuclear rhetoric and enemies.

According to Peskov, Russia's next president should be "the same as [Vladimir] Putin… or different, but the same."

"Putin has not announced his intention to run. But I sincerely want to believe that he will do it. I have no doubt that he will win the election, I have no doubt that he will continue to be our president. We'll see," Peskov said.

Russia's nuclear rhetoric

Russia is "extremely responsible in its approach to what it has. A strong person treats his strength very responsibly, and any powerful state treats its power with great attention and very carefully,” he noted.

Putin's press secretary admitted that he had repeatedly heard absolutely insane claims about Moscow's alleged intention to start a nuclear war. All this is intended to cause internal discomfort or even hysteria among ordinary people, he pointed out.

"The task for all of us is to simply explain that most often these are unfounded statements and simply irresponsible remarks,” Peskov said.

Russia confronting the West

Peskov believes that there is nothing good in the ongoing confrontation with the West, but at the same time Russia started rising on its feet and developing its own production.”

"An opportunity has come up to seek greater sovereignty and greater independence,” he said.

Russia is not "confronting the Americans,” Peskov said.

"We are confronting their ideology, we are confronting their vision of how to live in the world," he said.

About those who left Russia

Peskov sees nothing wrong with the fact that many Russians left the country out of fear.

"Some of those people left the country and started cursing and discrediting their homeland. It will be very difficult for those people to return. After all, we all stayed here — we care deeply about our country. And we may not welcome those people back. We will always accept those who lost their way. There is no reason to forgive them — they are not to blame. However, it will be very difficult for those who spoke against their country to explain themselves to the people who live here with us," Peskov said. It is only a "small part” of the society that went abroad, he added.

About the future of Russia, the West and the whole world

The whole world is going through a stage of transformation, and it is very difficult to predict what the world will be like in ten years, Peskov said.

"The collective West will be clinging with all fours to its fading leadership. We know that they are cynical, they will not disdain anything,” he believes.

Russia "should and will be stronger, wiser and wealthier,” the presidential press secretary said.

Censorship in wartime

Peskov admitted that "there must be a certain censorship in wartime.”

"It's very tough, military times now that require tough measures from the authorities," Dmitry Peskov said.

There is a very fine line on the issue of punishment for discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.

"Anyone who want to speculate indiscriminately without understanding the essence of the topic should think ten times," Peskov said.

About his daughter

Speaking about 25-year-old daughter Elizaveta Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman said that "she has never been a posh child.”

"She had to overcome many difficulties, she spent a long time looking for herself, but thank God now everything has settled down,” Peskov noted.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov