The 'Russia after Putin' plan is ready, its actors are ready too

Russia after Putin plan is ready

The West has prepared a "Russia after Putin" plan and already chose its actors in the face of Garry Kasparov* and Mikhail Khodorkovsky*, who suddenly developed an affection for the Russian people. They are waiting for the "window of opportunity" to open.

The anti-Russian "Action Committee" published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine under the telling title Don't Fear Putin's Demise.

This committee is represented by two good old chaps who were recognised as foreign agents in the Russian Federation. They are Garry Kasparov* and Mikhail Khodorkovsky*. The article in Foreign Affairs says that the West needs to continue to supply Ukraine with modern weapons until Russia's military defeat and the collapse of the Putin regime. The committee also declared its readiness to take the reins of power in its hands afterwards.

The above-mentioned politicians believe that after the "elimination" of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russians will elect the Constituent Assembly, which will create the "State Council". The latter will, in particular:

  • conclude a peace agreement with Ukraine recognising its territory within the borders of 1991;
  • justly compensate Ukraine for the damage that the country suffered as a result of the war.

Afterwards, it will take Russia along the way that the country had already traveled before, during Boris Yeltsin's presidency. Russia will then be integrated into Euro-Atlantic institutions, whereas Russian regions will be decentralised.

It appears that those who put forward such ideas have never lived in Russia. It may also be possible that they simply work for the money that they get either paid or saved in the West.

Is the plan viable at all?

Many Russians have utterly negative memories of their experience of the 1990s: poverty, unemployment, decline in everything and the unpleasant feeling of being sold for "Bush's legs" (after the collapse of the USSR, all food stores across Russia were inundated with US-made unhealthy, antibiotic-grown poultry that people dubbed as 'Bush's legs' - ed.). No one wants to revisit those times again ever.

Opinion polls conducted by Levada Center* - another foreign agent organisation — show that Putin enjoys the support of 81 percent of the population. Why would people be ready to support "Putin's death"? It is worthy of note that people from Kasparov's and Khodorkovsky's teams defamed the Russian people before calling them crazy, insane. In his Telegram channel, Garry Kasparov called the Russians the sickest nation infested with imperial ambitions and promised "to cure the Russians of hegemonism."

More importantly, neither Kasparov, nor Khodorkovsky enjoy any popularity among the Russians. They stained their reputations in the country with problems with Russian law enforcement and tax authorities.

Khodorkovsky is not Nelson Mandela, who had a popular idea to put an end to apartheid (he spent 27 years in prison for trying to bring it to life). Kasparov showed no support to those who tried to escape from Russia to Georgia after Putin declared partial mobilisation, even though those migrants could help him build his protest base.

As long as there is no majority support in Russia, and the "committee" missed its chance abroad, the authors of the plan would need a coup d'état. Traitors can be found easily taking into consideration quite a handful of unclear decisions that were made during the special operation.

For example, the decision to pull back the army from Kyiv and Chernihiv regions is hard to understand, given that the plan was to overthrow Zelensky and hand over the power to legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych. All Western embassies had moved to Lviv. The hands were untied. Traitors either leave or flip-flop — neither security forces nor the people will support them. One could see that during the days of the State Emergency Committee of the USSR.

The window of opportunity will not open

With their plan in the making, Kasparov and Khodorkovsky work for the West, rather than for the Russian people. They wait for a window of opportunity to open for them.

This window is not going to open, and Western elites will only realise it when Moscow takes the special operation on the territory of former Ukraine to the end.

*Included in the register of foreign agents

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov