Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky Is Going to Be Arrested

The Office of the Prosecutor General charged Berezovsky with stealing cars

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky  is experiencing hard times now. The party that he founded, Liberal Russia,  ousted Berezovsky for keeping company with communists. The party believed that rubbing elbows with communists was equal to treason for a democrat.

Boris Berezovsky yelled a little for a scary image and then plunged in the leftist (communist) movement of the Russian politics. Russia still remembers Boris Berezovsky. Both the powers-that-be (the creators of the Russian politics) and people’s servants (the Russian Office of the Prosecutor General) still have their eye on him. The Office of the Prosecutor General charged Boris Berezovsky with swindling  in large quantities. The same charges were brought against Berezovsky’s two companions – Badri Patarkatsishvili and Yuly Dubov (former managers of the Russian car factory LogoVAZ).

Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia, Vladimir Kolesnikov stated that the charges were brought within  the scope of the criminal case concerning the stealing of cars from the car factory. Kolesnikov said that the question pertaining to issuing an  arrest certificate for the mentioned businessmen would be solved soon.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, the managers of the company LogoVAZ (the largest dealer of the company AvtoVAZ) stole 2033 cars. All those cars, the cost of which is estimated to be worth 60 million rubles (two million dollars), were stolen during the period of 1994-1995. The profit that was received from those activities was used for buying houses in the Moscow region (seven million rubles). The houses became the property of LogoVAZ deputy Director General Alexander  Krasnenker and of LogoVAZ employee, Magomed Ismailov.

One of the  cottages is owned by LogoVAZ. As Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolesnikov advised,  the house was meant for Boris Berezovsky,  who had a number of them abroad already. Furthermore, more than five million rubles were spent on buying an office building  in St.Petersburg.

Another million rubles was used to buy a country house for former Soviet official Nikolay Tikhonov. Kolesnikov advised that Berezovsky’s daughter was currently living there. The spending also included buying stocks of various mass media outlets. The swindlers paid more than nine million rubles for ORT stocks (the largest television and radio network of Russia). Almost 1.5 million rubles were spent on TV 6 stocks, three million rubles more were used for buying the stocks of Ogonyok magazine.

Vladimir Kolesnikov advised that the question pertaining to the preventive punishment (taking the mentioned businessmen under custody) would be solved within a week. “The preliminary investigation  is taking all measures to arrest those people and their property too. Their property is going to be returned to those, from whom it was stolen,” – Vladimir Kolesnikov said.

Dmitry Chirkin

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka