If Putin does not receive Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Peace Committee "will have to be closed"

Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize yet again

On September 24 it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Writer and editor-in-chief of the President newspaper, Sergei Komkov, became the initiator of the nomination. According to him, if Putin does not receive the prize, the Nobel Peace Committee "will have to be closed."

How the writer explained Putin's nomination

Generally speaking, the President newspaper reported the nomination of the Russian President for the Nobel Peace Prize as early as on 9 September. It was then noted that Professor Sergei Komkov (he is not only a writer and editor-in-chief) had already nominated Vladimir Putin for the prize in 2013. It is worthy of note that Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and 2016.

On September 24, the writer gathered a special conference, which was dedicated exclusively to his initiative.

"We must understand: either they are servants of those dark forces who are ready to vote blindly and always for all kinds of evil forces, or they are still real descendants and real executors of the will of the great Nobel," Komkov said, adding that if Putin does not receive the prize, the Nobel Peace Committee "will have to be closed.

What Sergei Komkov is known for

Vladimir Putin is not the only president whom professor and writer Komkov nominated for the prize. A similar honor was awarded to Czech President Milos Zeman in 2014. Probably, he had been duly informed about that.

As for the Kremlin's reaction to the current initiative, Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that a variety of people can be nominated for the prize on the initiative of "those who come up with such a proposal." "If the decision is made, that is just fine, if it won't be made, that is okay too," Peskov said.

In general, this is the case when it seems that one needs to say something, but there is nothing to say really.

It is worth noting that during Putin's big press conference in 2019, Sergei Komkov said that residential buildings in the Krasnodar region of Russia, which were built for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, "have turned into real slums."

The Investigative Committee of Russia looked into the problem, and the authorities of the Krasnodar region, including the Sochi mayor office, were on pins and needles for a few days. However, Komkov's information had not been confirmed.

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Author`s name Anton Kulikov