United Russia in sight of clumsy, cheap anti-Russian propaganda

The ever-young and promising politician Ilya Yashin has concocted another political report. As "usual," the day before the official publication, the report has "leaked" and appeared in public access on the Internet. 

It is amazing that after so many leaks, the people from the Russian opposition have not learned to follow the rules of information security. It appears that they are simply unable to learn from their mistakes. This may explain their two-percent rating. 

The new report by Ilya Yashin carries an expressive title - "Criminal Russia." The topic of the report is corruption inside the ruling United Russia party. The topic is served with great fanfare, as always. The report promises sensational revelations, shocking facts and nothing but the naked truth that will shatter the "bloody regime." 

We have seen quite a number of such reports before, but the "regime" is still there. The election campaign to the State Duma continues along with the fight against corruption, including, inter alia, within the framework of the election campaign. A number of corrupt candidates no longer appear on election lists. 

However, Yashin's report says that the fight against corruption in the ranks of United Russia heralds even more problems. "Numerous criminal cases and arrests of United Russia members have unveiled the scale of the problem, but the problem remains unsolved, because it has become systemic over the years," the author of the report writes.  

According to the above, the conclusion is obvious: the systematic struggle against corruption with the use of legal methods is useless. Instead, one needs a revolution, a coup that would crush the regime on the way to bright future. 

Russian lawmaker Irina Yarovaya has expressed her point of view about attempts to use the fight against corruption as a cover for the activities that deem destructive for the country. "We are very concerned about what is happening in Ukraine, where the whole system of state power has been destroyed under the pretext of the fight against corruption," she said. However, the report by Ilya Yashin pulled the lawmaker's words out of context to make them look as if Yarovaya is opposed to anti-corruption struggle per se. 

Actually, Ilya Yashin's report entirely consists of distorted facts, misinterpreted quotes and events. Quotes, corrupt officials and facts of corruption are real, but their interpretation transforms the report into a collection of lies from beginning to end. 

In fact, the main goal of the report is to make people believe that they need to urgently rebel against the regime, if they want to stay alive. To achieve this goal, one may cut quotes, distort facts and misinterpret words. Making a mountain out of a molehill is a good technology indeed.  

Ilya Yashin has not conducted any investigations or studies. His report is based on the information that he found on the Internet. He did not even analyze the collected information. Mr. Yashin tends to shout a few cheap propaganda slogans, such as, for example, "United Russia is a party of thieves!" or "Putin, leave!" The promising politician produces clumsy, old-school anti-Russian propaganda, served as an "expert opinion," albeit not too cleverly. Boring. This explains the rating of only two percent. 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov