USA needs another Hitler to struggle against Russia

Representatives of the international community have had various reactions to Russia's actions in Syria. Obviously, Russia's decision is highly unprofitable to Washington, as it has become an obstacle for turning the Middle East into chaos. Pravda.Ru conducted an interview on the subject with political scientist Araik Stepanyan.

"Do you think Russia's military assistance to Syria may become a trap for Russia, like another Afghanistan?"

  "We are living in different times now to use the Soviet war in Afghanistan as an example. Our country is completely different now. Back in those days, the whole Muslim world was against the USSR, under the guidance of Western powers. The USA, the UK and France were producing  Islamist militants. Bin Laden was one of their projects. The Americans were spending huge funds on him. Nowadays, Russia is not alone, we have good allies in the Middle East. The US does not have the popularity it used to have, either in the Middle East or in Europe. Russia's policy in the Middle East is very subtle, because we have our bitter experience. Therefore, Russia is acting strictly within the framework of international law. Prior to conducting active military operations, Russia has had talks with other countries of the region - Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and so on. Russia has prepared these countries for the events that we are witnessing now.

"The Americans are planning to plunge the Middle East into bigger chaos to aim this wave of instability at China. Yet, Syria was not an easy nut to crack. I believe that the Americans intend to bring fascist groups to power in Europe - the US needs a new Hitler to fight against Russia. Therefore, Eastern Europe is becoming a battlefield between the East and the West - between the West and Russia.

As a result of the Yalta conference, it was decided that victor states would take Germany under their control. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, it was the USA that has been governing Germany. The Germans hate the Americans, but they can do not anything.

"Russia is not alone now. Any talks of international isolation are ridiculous. On the basis of its national interests, Russia has made the right move to provide military and technical assistance to Syria. The Americans are not happy about it, because it was them, who declared war on ISIS. They have struck Syria over 100 times, but only three of those attacks targeted ISIS, all the rest targeted Syrian positions. The Turks attacked only the positions of the Kurds. In other words, the USA and Turkey have been clearing the way for ISIS.

"The United States wanted Russia to dance to their tune. Yet, Russia decided not to. In Libya, the Americans have destroyed everything without creating anything in return. It was not part of their plan. Now the US has broken the Middle East into pieces, but the Americans want more - they want tens of new countries to appear there. This goal has not been reached yet. Now we can see France bombing ISIS too. Why are they doing it now and why didn't they do it before? The USA is interested in the destruction of Assad and in the existence of ISIS. Russia believes that ISIS militants should be destroyed in Syria."

"What are the goals of the USA?"

"The ultimate goal is Russia and China. They want Assad to go and Mujahideens to come to power instead. This would create absolute chaos in the country - Alawites and Christians would be exterminated. Iraq is in ruins. There is only Iran left. All the terrorist groups would then target Iran. The US wants to take control of all natural resources in the Middle East to cut energy flows to China to strangle the Chinese economy.

"When Russia started showing some activity, the Americans were very much surprised. They were convinced that the Russian economy was in tatters, that we would not be able to do anything. Yet, Russia is their spotlight. For the United States, Syria is now the problem that Afghanistan used to be for the USSR. This is a very big mistake that the Americans have made. In the past, people believed in the freedom and liberties that the United States was proclaiming. Nowadays, the majority of people realize that it was nothing but lies and BS.

Interview conducted by Elena Timoshkina


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov