Putin speaks as key UN peacemaker, blasts US exceptionalism

In his landmark speech at the 70th meeting of the UN General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that during the post-Cold War period, the only "center of domination" had been formed in the world. Putin said that Russia was ready for further development of the UN, but added that any attempts to shatter the legitimacy of the organization were extremely dangerous. Otherwise, Putin said, there will be no law left in the world, but the law of the strong. Any actions bypassing the UN Security Council resolutions are illegitimate, the Russian president said.

As a result of this "export of revolutions" to the Middle East and North Africa, people suffer from  violence, whereas human rights are set at naught. "I am almost tempted to ask those who created this situation: Do you realize now what you have done? Yet, I'm afraid, this question will hang in the air, because the policy based on self-confidence, beliefs of exceptionalism and impunity has not been abandoned," said Putin. In some countries, where "export of revolutions" has been conducted, radical Islamists appeared. Putin exemplified his remark with the appearance of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

"In this situation, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to speak about the threat of international terrorism, while turning a blind eye to channels of funding and support for terrorists, including with the help of drug-trafficking, illegal trade in oil, arms, or try to manipulate extremist groups, making them serve for one's own political goals in a hope to subsequently do away with them, or, simply put, liquidate them," Putin said during his speech.

Putin admitted that Russia was providing military assistance to Iraq, Syria and other countries in the region - the ones that fight against terrorist groups. He said that it was "a huge mistake" to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities. "One must finally acknowledge that save for  government forces of President Assad and Kurdish militias in Syria, no one is fighting against the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations," said Putin.

The Russian president claimed that some states tend to accuse Russia of growing ambition, as if those who speak about it have no ambition at all, the president said. "That's not the point, esteemed colleagues. The point is that it is no longer possible to tolerate the current state of affairs in the world," the Russian president stated.

Putin urged UN countries to follow common interests to create the "truly broad international anti-terrorist coalition."

Putin addressed Muslim leaders saying that Islam was the greatest world religion and that the authority of Muslim leaders in the world was "very important." "Militant ideologists mock Islam, distorting its true human values," said the Russian President. In the next few days, Russia will convene a ministerial meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the resolution on the coordination of all forces that oppose the Islamic State. According to Putin, should such a resolution be coordinated, then building refugee camps in Europe would be no longer necessary.

Noteworthy, the Ukrainian delegation left the meeting room during Putin's speech. Noteworthy, Ukrainian President Poroshenko was not speaking during the meeting of the UN General Assembly. However, he was listening attentively to the speech of US President Barack Obama, applauding him enthusiastically. However, when Russian President started his speech, Poroshenko and members of the Ukrainian delegation left the room carrying the flag of Ukraine.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov