Bush’s Weak Point

Results of an opinion poll recently held by ABC television and The Washington Post are often published by many media as a sensation. It seems that everyone is looking forward to an abrupt drop of Bush’s rating, as if it somehow can improve the situation.

Popularity of Bush’s policy among Americans is slipping. For instance, only 58% of Americans support his line toward Iraq (the number made up 65% in  the middle of September). 52% think that Bush is in a hurry to settle the Iraqi issue with the help of the army. He is in a hurry indeed, because spiteful Saddam had been scheming an attack at George Bush, his father.

The poll also revealed that 58% of Americans think the president pays little attention to economic problems. It is no wonder, as economy is a weak point of Bush’s team. To be more precise, much less attention is paid to economy as compared with the anti-terrorism struggle. As for Bush’s wartime activity, 70% Americans support the president.

So, what is the conclusion? There is none actually. It is early to say that the recent slip of Bush’s popularity proves frustration of his policy. First of all, majority of Americans still support Bush’s military operation in Iraq. Second, if the war begins and proves a soon success, the president’s rating will immediately zoom. And success is never blamed, as we know. 

It is not ruled out that economy will become Bush’s not only problem at the next presidential elections. But it will be so only if something extraordinary happens. If it does, the incumbent president may follow the fate of his father, who weren’t re-elected for a second period even despite his triumphant campaign against Saddam Hussein in 1991.

Vasily Bubnov

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Author`s name Michael Simpson