Crimea is safe

By Xavier Lerma

Novorossiya is still fighting a terrible war with Kiev,USA. Obama recently signed a bill to give $350 million to Kiev to kill civilians in SE Ukraine. Fortunately, Crimea is safe from the war Kiev,USA wanted to bring to her. The Four Horsemen will not visit Crimea like it has Donetsk or Lugansk. We did bring Donbass food and supplies for the tenth time this past weekend. I wish we could spread our military wings over Novorossiya and keep her safe as well.

My ex-US Marine friend says he knows NATO is impotent and will literally shoot themselves if they try to attack Russia. NATO is scared of Russia for a reason. They trained Georgia and Russia routed them in 2008. Rear Adm. John Kirby mumbles his intelligence in this video. Russian jets recently buzzed American ships and the fleet lost power. The US Navy laughed it off as only one ship that lost power for a few seconds. Russia is far more advanced in missile attack and defense than any country not to mention its' stealth submarines and a military that is not gay.

Last March 16th, Crimea was given the choice to be independent, remain with Ukraine or join Russia. They chose Russia and the US lied to its people saying Crimea was forced by a Russian invasion. US news did not report that there was already a Russian naval base that Ukraine had agreed to with Russia years ago in a contract where Kiev was getting paid. No Russian invasion just troops that were already there by a business agreement.

Crimea recognized the evil from the West and will not kowtow to the puppet government in Kiev which has caused chaos and ruin. Crimea became a part of Russia.  Its parliament voted in favor of joining Russia and they asked Putin to accept. Before they voted, in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk, about 3,000 pro-Russian demonstrators fought with the Euromaidan activists and took over the administration building. They put the Russian flag on top of the building demanding Mikhail Bolotskikh, a puppet leader, to step down. We know the Ukrainian protesters are bought and paid for. The coup under humanitarian guise orchestrated by the US, as seen in our main video, is not only illegal but evil.

Some Crimeans have gone to fight in Novorossiya to help their less fortunate brothers. Thank God the women, children and elderly of Crimea are safe and sound from the US monster and can celebrate on New Year's Eve and on Christmas January 7th. Our prayers are with Novorossiya. The world sees another coup by the US as modern colonialism or imperialism at its best. The Orthodox faithful see Christianity spreading like the sun rising and the western powers hate that knowing their time is short.

Crimea is Safe

Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov