Putin stands alone to chaos in Ukraine and US/EU impudence

The West threw Ukraine into absolute chaos, but the US and the EU continue to put on a good face. Vladimir Putin sobers up the world community with his statements, but nobody dares to openly support the Russian president, analyst Vitaly Tretyakov said during an interview with Pravda.Ru.

"Today, Putin is one of the leading politicians of the world. It goes about not ten or twenty, but three politicians. They are presidents of China, the USA and Russia. Last year, the head of the European Union and German Chancellor were somewhere near. Now they are gone, because the whole European Union and Germany in particular, have ceased to be self-reliant. This was demonstrated as a result of the crisis in Ukraine. Obviously, the war of sanctions does not play to Europe's benefit, and the EU found itself under Washington's thumb. 

"Then there were those wiretapping scandals. The phone of the Prime Minister of Australia may not be tapped, as there's no need to, but they did wiretap Merkel's phone. They made a joke out of this vile situation. Then, US Vice President admitted that the Americans made the Europeans do what the USA wanted them to do. Europe nods and obeys. 

"Putin is one of the three most influential politicians of the world. By experience, he is well above Obama and the Chinese President, because he has been in the highest echelons of power longer. Putin is one of the main political newsmakers in the world. Let's say, Putin sneezes, and everyone will try to understand the reason why he sneezed. Putin is also the world's number one dissident. He is the only person, who speaks on behalf of Russia, saying the things, that others think of, but are afraid to say. Sometimes they do not even think about them, because they are afraid to think. He's the only one who argues with the United States, who tells them that they are wrong, and he says that regularly.

"Merkel was waiting for Putin for three hours. The Germans know the situation in Ukraine better than others. The Americans are still putting pressure on the Germans, the French, on all others, including our Slavic brothers, who are now members of the European Union and NATO. They can not do anything, they do what their master tells them to do. Putin publicly says that the coup in Ukraine was organized with the help of external forces.

"Today, we can eyewitness the consequences of this coup, a revolution, whatever you call it. The territorial disintegration of Ukraine continues as months go by. They create some private armies and lose to militia forces. It is the USA that sows chaos throughout Ukraine, but the Americans can not acknowledge that, of course. 

"Obama has lost both the midterm elections and the upcoming presidential election in two years. He blames Russia for everything, pretending that the Ukrainian regime is democratic. They will not recognize the actual position of this regime until it collapses, and it will certainly collapse. Hollande, Merkel and Obama can not say that they are wrong, while they are still in power. Those who come to power after them will probably do. 

"Western democracy exists on paper, it exists in books, on which the West tried to teach Russia how to live and dance to the Western tune. In real life in the West, democracy does not work. 

"All absurd things that could happen in Ukraine have already happened there. One can burn and kill people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. No one is guilty, even those, who was setting screaming people on fire and shooting those, who were jumping out of windows to their deaths. One can shell apartment buildings - no one is guilty of that either. Then there is this obvious story with the downed Malaysian Boeing. Are they investigating it at all? Ukrainian defence ministers speak total nonsense - why on Earth does Ukraine have so many colonel-generals? Ukraine has not waged one single war.

"They throw policy-makers into garbage cans and call it democracy. Every other day that Ukraine lives is full of absurdity. Ukrainian leaders regularly release absolutely absurd and ridiculous statements. Someone says one thing, then some 30 minutes later, someone else says the opposite. If it's not one thing, it's another, the perfect absurdity. And those torchlight processions - for the whole of Europe, torchlight processions at night are a visible sign of Hitlerism and Nazism. Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's Interior Minister, lies constantly and does not even notice his own lies. The Western press does not say anything about all that. In Ukraine, they banned and revoked licenses from media outlets that had the word "Russian" in their names. Just imagine that in France, for example, they would ban a number of publications, the names of which contain the word "German." This would be impossible to believe. The Europeans would simply not believe it, because this is absurd, this is racism and blatant violation of rights.

"In Ukraine, this is commonplace, but they do not notice that. This is a snowball of absurdity and it is growing larger and larger. I am waiting for the moment, when those Ukrainian madmen make such a big snowball of absurdity that their Western backers approach them to see what they have done. Of course, they all understand it now, but pretend not to notice. I call it the ukrainisation of the European Union. One day, it will detonate in a terrible explosion. 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov