Russians become Jews for new EuroReich

OK, let us assume, following the view of our opponents, that Russia interfered in the Ukrainian conflict, because a dozen of paratroopers got lost in the woods and crossed the Ukrainian border. For that, and for many others things associated with the Ukrainian crisis, the West punishes Russia with sanctions.

If so, everyone knows that it is necessary to punish Russia for interference, but no one bothers to think WHY Russia interferes. One must not interfere into internal affairs of a sovereign state, some would say. Really? What was the West doing all that time then? Some may say that one can interfere, albeit only with the approval of the international community. What about Yugoslavia and Iraq then? Does the West want Kiev to destroy resistance in Ukraine and then look into the matters when it's all over?

If we, for just one second, accept the point of view of the West, then why did the West interfere into the Kosovo conflict? Because from the point of view of the West, one large nation was using military force against another, smaller, but rebellious nation, killing civilians. If you open Wikipedia, you will read there that according to the version of Albanian separatists, representatives of Yugoslav security agencies slaughtered 45 civilians in a villages. The massacre in Racak, served in this light, served as a cause for NATO to raise the question of the use of force against Yugoslavia. If we open another page at Wikipedia, we will see the list of victims of the Odessa massacre: 44 names (of course, the list is not complete, but the matter is about the number).

Thus, if bad Russia intervenes, what does it want to prevent? Does anyone have any doubt about what is in store for insurgent regions, if - God forbid - National Guard fighters liberate them? Those fighters say a female deputy should be shot only because she said at a formal meeting of the supreme legislative body of the country how the army of her country was killing innocent citizens.

Members of the punitive troops that fight in the southeast of Ukraine are well aware of the fact that they are fighting against their own citizens, who rebelled against the new Ukrainian government. The rebels are mostly Russians, who therefore need to be wiped off. By the way, it would be hard to imagine a more accurate name than "National Guard" for the troops, united on common - national, to be more precise - nationalist grounds. Nationalists, who are ready to kill purely on a national basis make a perfect weapon of democracy. Russia puts obstacles on the way - how mean!

When the West assumed that the offensive of the Serbian army was threatening the lives of civilian Kosovo Albanians, Western officials could only care less on international resolutions and all other moral and material burdens. They started to fire rockets at Belgrade. By the same logic, strictly speaking, NATO should be bombing Kiev today - bridges, television centers, infrastructure, etc. Even the Chinese embassy, just in case, like in Belgrade. And that would be right over. No sanctions, no food battles, and Polish apples would be just fine as before. Thousands of people would have been saved.

Of course, everything would have ended much earlier, without any bombings of Kiev. It would have been enough for NATO to wag a finger at Kiev. Why didn't they do it? Look at how Hollywood films portray Serbs and now Russians. It appears that the Russians have become Jews for the new EuroReich. The Serbs have become, let's say - Roma. One can ignore their rights. Their lives, their refugees, their missing people - all of that does not matter. They can be wiped off the face of Earth by any type of Nazis, they can be exterminated with the use of banned weapons and deprived of all rights that the "Aryans" are allowed to have under all international conventions ...

Those, who want to prevent this from happening, will be subject to sanctions. Can't do more because of nuclear weapons, you know.

Oleg Odintsovsky.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov