Aggression against Russian citizens will be considered attack against Russia

The Federation Council that previously unanimously approved the president's right to deploy Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine to defend the Russian-speaking people believes that one should send a powerful peacemaking group to the south-east of Ukraine. Russian senators believe that all parties - the EU, U.S., Kiev and the south-east of Ukraine should come to an adequate agreement.

Otherwise, the standoff on the eve of the presidential vote in Ukraine, which the Donetsk region decided to ignore, will result in more bloodshed.

The situation around the southeast of Ukraine continues to escalate. After the Ukrainian army began "to punish the rebellious regions," killing militiamen and encircling towns, the Russian Federation started large-scale military exercises on the border with Ukraine.

In response, the Ukrainian authorities chickened down and immediately suspended their alleged "anti-terrorist operation." Acting President Turchynov later ordered to withdraw the troops. Soon afterwards, the USA demanded the troops should be withdrawn. The US apparently forgot the war story about Grenada.

The United States, without a shadow of a doubt, deployed its troops in Grenada, having said that there was a threat to American citizens there. In addition, not that long ago, America said that the use of the army against one's own people was illegal. The US wanted to invade Syria for that reason, where Assad "was using the army against his people."

As for Ukraine, the USA, of course, does not see any parallels, just as it was with Kosovo and the Crimea. According to the United States, the separation of Kosovo did not violate international law, although the rest of the country was against it."

"We need urgently to sit at the negotiating table - Russia, the U.S., the EU and Ukraine and agree on how to introduce the peacekeeping contingent in the south-east of Ukraine. We are working on the proposal that we will submit at the meeting of the Federation Council on April 29," deputy head of the International Committee of the Senate, Valery Shnyakin said.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov explained in one of his recent interviews, in which case Russian troops could be deployed in Ukraine. "The deployment of troops can be carried out in case of direct infringement of the interests of Russia and Russian citizens," the minister said. In a nutshell, "If we are attacked, naturally, we will defend ourselves." According to Lavrov, "aggression against Russian citizens would be considered an attack against Russia."

It is also worth mentioning that "people's mayors and governors" of the south-east of Ukraine have already appealed to the Russian authorities with a request to deploy peacekeeping forces and protect the southeast from Kiev's punitive operations. Noteworthy, President Putin, speaking at a media forum in St. Petersburg, described the military operation of the Ukrainian authorities in the southeast as a "punitive operation" as well.

"Everyone understands that Russia does not want to start a war in the south-east, nor does it want to establish military presence there... Kiev decided that it can not be like that, so it launched the military operation, which already leads to casualties," said the head of the Institute for National Strategy, Mikhail Remizov. "The last warning to Kiev, in my opinion, is the military drills near Ukrainian borders. If they stop the massive use of force, then there is a chance to avoid the war. If not, then, it seems to me, in spite of everything, Moscow can cross the line," he adds.

According to Strator and many military experts around the world, in case of armed clashes (i.e. war) between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian armed forces will be destroyed in a "short period of time."

Naturally, neither the U.S., nor NATO countries will attack Russian troops no matter where they are stationed - inside or outside Ukrainian borders. They will not fight on the side of the Ukrainian army either. All they can do is to use militants from private military companies.

No matter how many foreign warships there are in the Black Sea, one single volley from them will mean retaliation that will instantly escalate to war between Russia, the United States or NATO. Such a war is likely to be global and nuclear. Is Obama ready to sacrifice American cities for Ukraine? Is NATO ready to burn millions of its citizens for the glory of Kiev? Of course not. That is why representatives of America and Europe emphasize that there will be no military assistance to Ukraine. Will there be peacekeeping assistance, though?

"We do not need peacekeeping forces. Firstly, we can handle it all ourselves, and, secondly, their deployment would mean the break-up of Ukraine into sectors of responsibility: something goes to Europe, something - to the United States, something - to Russia," a high-ranking source in the government of Ukraine told Politonline. The source then said: "We are like on a bobsleigh track - we either reach the finish line or crash - this is a terribly idiotic situation, it's horrible, f***!" he then hung up the phone and did not pick it up any more.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov