Terrorists urge Russia to rise against Putin???

The militants of Vilayat Dagestan who assumed responsibility for the attacks in Volgograd and confirmed their involvement in them demanded that the Russians rebel against Putin, otherwise they would face new attacks, reported the Voice of America. Earlier the terrorists published a video of training terrorist attacks, including the assembly of bombs and the faces of those who did it.

The Russian protests in 2012 were "supported" by Doku Umarov who declared a moratorium on attacks against the citizens of the Russian Federation after the beginning of rallies on Bolotnaya Square. Then some of the protesters were angered by Umarov's statement, calling him "an FSB agent," but after the U.S. included him on the list of the most wanted criminals in the world this "theory" has quickly faded.

Well-known opposition journalists, "curators" and human rights activists recently found themselves at the epicenter of a scandal demanding an immediate (!) release from prison of Boris Stomakhin who wrote that he warmly welcomed the explosions in Volgograd and congratulated its organizers on the success. Among those demanding the immediate release of Stomakhin are defenders Gerber, Alekseeva, Kovalev and Ponomarev, Shiropaev, "journalist" Babchenko, producer Verzilov, publicist Podrabinek, ex- member of CSR Bukovsky, Verbitsky, publicist Vituhnovskaya, Yakunin, Gannushkina, head of the Sakharov Center Samodurov, curator of the War Group Plutser-Sarno, etc.

In addition, many users of social networks and the media (in the context of the statements of Vilayat Dagestan about their intent to disrupt the Sochi 2014) recalled the spokesperson of Saudi Arabia at a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Then the head of the Saudi "state security" Prince Bandar said that he guaranteed the protection of the Winter Olympics. He said that Chechen groups that threatened the security of the Olympics were controlled by them, and would not do anything without consulting them. In return, he demanded that the Russian Federation agrees with the invasion of Syria. Naturally, the long-standing partners of the U.S. were categorically refused.

Speaking of partners - the U.S. recently announced that in order to ensure the safety of the U.S. team at the Sochi Olympics, they entered two warships into the Black Sea for a possible evacuation in case of a terrorist attack. The U.S. did not explain that the ships would be located next to the protesting Ukraine and for some reason (according to the press) will have not only helicopters but also cruise missiles.

The calls to rebel against Putin are heard not only from terrorists and professional opposition. On the very Maidan there are calls for Russians to "act instead of being jealous."   

Incidentally, although the statement was released on January 25, the Russian opposition has not issued an angry rebuttal to Vilayat . Apparently they are busy admiring the Maidan and dreaming of its repetition in Russia.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov