Depardieu and Putin: When Cyrano meets Russia

By Nicolas Bonnal


                                                                                    I wait for the Cossacks and the Holy Spirit

                                                                                                            Léon Bloy (dead in 1917)


Depardieu and Putin: When Cyrano meets Russia. 49050.jpeg

Sometimes revolutions are good for people, sometimes reactions too. Nobody, even a taxpayer, has to accept to be crushed by a foolish administration in the name of a so-called solidarity that has lowered since decennials the values and the standards of living of a great nation. This is why we must salute the departure of Depardieu: because he symbolizes the the French and his high and ancient culture in the world. Great actors symbolize their countries since the beginning: an actor may be despised by a pedant or a bureaucrat, but we must recall that the greatest geniuses of English or French literature, Shakespeare and Molière, were mere actors at the very beginning of their prestigious carrier. This is why the rebellion of Depardieu is a good omen for my country: a man who represents the highness of France, a man who has embodied Cyrano and Porthos, or even Danton and the count of Monte-Cristo may thus become the symbol of a sound national reaction against the technocratic folly that controls my country since the fall of general de Gaulle. We pay twice more taxes than under de Gaulle; as a nation we are ten times more indebted and no more respected or listened. What do you want more - or less?

Don't blame too a sybaritic actor: do you know that 80% of our best students choose now to live outside France? Their first job is for Sydney, Dubai, Berlin, Shanghai, anything but France. The social model our elites are so proud of is expelling everyone, the rich, the poor, the worker, the manager, the student, the sportsman, the musician, the adventurer, even the retiree. We must thank our political elite that reflect the moods and behaviour of another bunch of forgotten French heroes, the Thenardier so well depicted by Hugo in the Miserables.

There are hundreds of thousands of reactions in France. All the media are boiling, all the networks are shivering, and all the minds are thrilled by this great provocative affair. The Russophobe team learns to hate too Depardieu (he is controlled by the Russian mafia!), and the embittered French failed people, always jealous of their true elite, learn to hate a little more the only defender of a multipolar world. In France the leftist and mediocre wing just respects the false elite of bureaucrats that destroy the true. Jean Cocteau had already made these remarks. Depardieu leaves France after Bernard Arnault, another prestigious personality insulted by subsidized and agonizing press.

Yet the meeting between Depardieu and Vladimir Putin illustrates another perspective: Depardieu has always been a charismatic personality; he is a bon vivant, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a friend of many strong and controversial personalities (even Fidel Castro!) that French present mediocrity cannot stand anymore. It was so written in the stars that he could be welcomed in Russia, given that this great country is now ruled by the greatest living statesman in the world. The musketeer meets the Cossack; Cyrano meets Putin the Great, and that is good new to me for it looks like the good old times. We recognize here the touch and the style of our old chivalry, not of the humanitarian merchants that have taken the power in France through the American agencies and the united emirates.

Putin should welcome too John Cleese, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, all the western controversial actors and of course bulks of entrepreneurs out of their mind! Taxes are rising too on the other side of the Atlantic in order to compensate the dement expenses of a military-socialist degenerate empire. Maybe Russia could in the future welcome many elites of America and the decaying western world?

This time too Vladimir Putin has not deceived us: thank you Vladimir!

Nicolas Bonnal

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov